What People Are Saying about Christian Speaker Steven Mosley

“It’s not often that our congregation gives standing ovations, but after Steven’s performance, that is exactly what happened.  Steven makes the Bible come alive–and easily understood.  This is a wonderful way to see God’s love unfold.”                                                                              Education Pastor Gary Emmons, Christ’s Church of Fountain Hills (Phoenix)

“It was a tremendous blessing for our congregation to see the whole Bible come alive in dramatic format.  I was particular drawn closer to seeing the Lord’s promises fulfilled in the Gospel in the portrayal of the theme of the garment through the entire redemptive plan of God.  All in under one hour!  Simply amazing.”
Senior Pastor Mondo Gonzales, Yacolt Evangelical Free Church (Portland area)

“Chosen Garment was a feast for the eyes and the spirit.  Steven had his audience of every age spellbound by his creative treatment of the Story of stories.   He moved seamlessly through Bible history with the good news in technicolor!  The little girl who sat beside me never took her eyes off the stage as Mosley changed hats and changed voices to match the character he was depicting.  This was a performance and a portrayal of the gospel that bears repeating…every time Steven Mosley can be in the room!
Connie Kennemer, Worship Director, Pomerado Christian Church (San Diego)

“Steven Mosley’s Chosen Garment was a blessing to our congregation!  Creative, colorful, and captivating, the presentation gives the big picture of the Bible in a way that focuses on Christ and tells the Gospel story with clarity and power.”             Senior Pastor Doug Corlew, Summit Evangelical Free Church, Alta, Iowa

“Our congregation loved it. They were amazed with how the production was performed and were touched by the message.”
Worship Pastor Cory Daker, Auburn Church of the Nazarene  (Seattle)

“I have been preaching now for 44 years on the Bible. I thoroughly enjoyed the Presentation of “Chosen Garment” by Steven Mosley at our Worship Center.  I have never seen anything like it.”
Senior Pastor Glenn Kirby, West Valley Christian Church (LA)

“Steven has a real passion and gift for bringing the Word of God to life so that it can be heard ‘loud and clear’ not only in our heads but also in our hearts.  During “The Chosen Garment” presentation, the love of God in Christ is experienced in unforgettable ways.  Steven was very easy to work with, professional,  others centered, and able to connect with audiences of all ages at the same time.  His work was both a gift and a blessing to our church.”
Education Director Tom Stimson, First Presbyterian Church, Marion, Ohio

“‘Steven exceeded our expectations’ was the feedback often heard by those who witnessed  Chosen Garment.  There are people in our church who are quite artistic and have high standards, but Steven surpassed those standards.  We look forward to having Steven back again to inspire us and help us reach our community.”                                                                        Senior Pastor Brett Cushing, CrossPoint Church, Bloomington, MN

I was so awed by the responses at Fallbrook Presbyterian Church, I just had to write them down.                                                “Wonderful!”
“Amazing how you put it together.”
“Blown away.”
“Very, very touching.”
“You blessed us today.”


“Being immersed in the stories you told brought the word home again.  Our parishioners were mesmerized in ways that came as a surprise to them.  God bless your gift of understanding and the revelation of your own devotion to all that is holy.
Mother Evelyn Hornaday  (Senior Pastor)  St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Little Rock, AR

“Our people were inspired and encouraged by the presentation of “Chosen Garment”. I highly recommend this presentation to any church trying to motivate people to interact with the Word of God in a meaningful way.
Gary Lee Webber, Senior Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

“It was fantastic!  The people enjoyed it thoroughly, and I really appreciated the many biblical truths that were shared in such a brief, fascinating manner.  I think the use of humor really framed a lot of the scriptural points you were making, and I believe you made the whole thing so relevant that everyone went away better understanding the challenge of living out the Christian life in a genuine fashion.”
Berry Norwood, Senior Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church, Scottsdale, AZ

“Steven Mosley’s presentation of the ‘Chosen Garment’ was awesome.  It was both thoughtful and inspiring.  As a one-man show, Steven made the grand narrative of the Bible come alive with pageantry and wonder. He really grabs your attention with the different biblical characters he portrays.  We would highly recommend Steven and the ‘Chosen Garment’ to any church for consideration. Well done!”
Bryan Drebes, Associate Pastor, Bethany Lutheran Church, Overland Park, KS

“It was a great experience for our crowd. And we’d definitely do it again.
Senior Pastor, John Reed, Terranova Church, Lake Forest, CA

“It was a tremendous blessing having Steven Mosley and the Chosen Garment at GateWay City Church. The congregation was entertained, educated, but most of all gripped by the power of God as they concluded that each one of us are chosen by the Father. I would highly recommend this program for outreaches, Special Services, or holiday events, I am sure your people will be touched. “
Mike Brock, Director of Communication, GateWay City Church, San Jose, CA

“Your presentation was engaging, creative, humorous, heartfelt and Christ-exalting.”                                                            Executive Pastor Stephen Trammell, Champion Forest Baptist Church, Houston, TX

“Steven provides a mesmerizing service with ‘Chosen Garment.’  The presentation of the Gospel message is clear and carefully entertaining.  Our young and old raved about this drama presentation and I cannot encourage you enough to take hold of this opportunity to have Steven Mosley share his ministry with your congregation and community.”
Pastor Michael Higley, Riverside Wesleyan Church, Sacramento

“Chosen Garment is one of the best one-man dramas I have ever seen.  The drama, the images, the sound track, the clever use of word and rhyme, were truly endearing.  At some points you laugh, then you are cut to the heart, touched and really challenged by the sincerity of the Gospel being presented.”
Pastor Jim Nicol, Ocean Hills Church
San Juan Capistrano, CA

“We had Steven Mosley for a Christmas banquet at our church this year and his presentation of the Old Testament, the coming of Christ, and the gospel was very well done and very well received.  It is a very unique experience to hear the greatest story told and acted out in a fresh way.  I highly recommend Steven Mosley to you.”
Pastor John Durham, First Baptist Church
Irving, TX

“Steven has a God-given and humble way of sharing through drama, a deep understanding of the God who has always been a “righteous God and Savior” through the flow of history. Characters come alive through narrative and characterization so that we see glimpses of ourselves in them. We watch Jesus loving the street urchin and all people who may have jobs, but to that point had no real living Vocation. I heartily endorse Steven Mosely’s Christ-centered ministry.”
Rev. Mike Ireland, Orchard Park Presbyterian Church,
Indianapolis, IN

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