Easter – Tangible Hope

Illustration for Christian speaker.

I ran across this story, from an old script I did, which I really love as an illustration for Easter and the hope we have in Christ.

A Piece of Bread to Hold

Steven Mosley.

Soon after World War II ended in Europe, American soldiers set up camps in various cities for orphans. These kids had been staying alive by scavenging
for food among bombed-out ruins and bullet-marked streets. In the camps they
finally found a place of safety. No planes would be droning overhead to bomb
them. No enemy troops would come bursting in during the night. They were well clothed, had three good meals a day, and the compassionate care of camp
But the youngsters still had trouble sleeping at night. No one could
figure out exactly why. Finally a team of psychologists studied the situation
and made a suggestion.
Every night each child was given a piece of bread before going to sleep–a
piece of bread just to hold. If one of the orphans was still hungry he was
given an extra piece to eat. But every child, the psychologists instructed,
was to have a piece of bread to hold in their hand as they dozed off.
Soon after this, the children began to sleep well all through the night.
They knew there would be bread for tomorrow.
What these orphans needed, after all they’d been through, was a confident
hope they could hang on to.

One evening, eleven men gather in a locked upper room to talk about
their future–which looks terribly grim. Suddenly an unexpected guest walks
into the room. Their mouths drop; they blink their eyes. They too look like
they’ve seen a ghost. But this ghost asks them to touch Him. This ghost sits
down and eats a piece of broiled fish. And they can hardly believe what’s
happening because their amazement and joy knows no bounds. (Luke 24:41)
This is one of the most intensely joyful scenes in the entire Bible.
The black despair of the disciples suddenly gave way to exhilarating hope. And
this hope would become the center of their lives. Jesus’ resurrection was like
a piece of bread in the hands of an orphan: tangible proof that they could have
confidence in tomorrow. These almost-orphaned disciples could know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Bread of Life would always be with them. They’d
seen Jesus conquer death itself; they finally grasped the hope of eternal life.


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