Presentation Journal 2009 – 2010

Christian Speaker Steven Mosley’s Journal

Through the Bible in Bloomington, MN

CrossPoints Church – December 19

Enjoyed a white Christmas in Minneapolis, yea you can feel this air when you take it in!  Great congregation.  Pastor Brett Cushing reverberated with my story about how Chosen Garment started—-seeing a poster for Accelerated Shakespeare.  A troop of actors race through his major plays, summarizing plots in a rapid, humorous way.  They are making Shakespeare accessible for people who just couldn’t sit through Hamlet or even Romeo and Juliet.  What if you could do that with the Bible?

Through the Bible in Davis, CA

Calvary Chapel Davis – December 10

Before this Christmas dinner presentation I walked around the campus of UC Davis—where my brother got his PhD in philosophy.  Bit of nostalgia there.  And it’s always great to celebrate the climax of the Bible in the greatest gift of all—the Chosen Garment which represents Christ’s perfect life offered to us.

Through the Bible in Las Cruces, NM

Sierra Vista Community Church – November 21

Worship is alive and well in the New Mexico desert.  Finally have CDs of my workshops to offer, and the book table went quite well.  Pastor Ruben Ortego recently made a fascinating trip to the Middle East with a group exploring how Hispanic culture may have special contact points with Muslim culture—as a means of outreach.

Through the Bible in Fallbrook, CA

Fallbrook Presbyterian Church – October 24

It’s the avocado capital of America, between LA and San Diego.  And Pastor Jerome Marroquin and worship leader Brenda Tapley have brought together quite a diverse, and lively, congregation.  I was frankly overwhelmed at the book table—after the standing ovation.  See comments at “Latest Endorsements.”  One of the highlights of my year.  I feel so blessed doing this—it’s almost scary at times.

Through the Bible in Little Rock

St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church – October 17

My Dad was born in Texarkana; I know the barefoot country folk in these parts.  And here’s a very classy, sophisticated church in the lush green of Arkansas.  Best of both worlds it seems, as I stayed with Jim and Diane Hobson, wonderful hosts.  And enjoyed getting to know Rev. Evelyn Hornaday as well at a fabulous supper.  The combination of high-church liturgy and my dramatic presentation rang some original bells there.  Wonderful comments.

Through the Bible in the LA area

Santa Clarita SDA Church – October 9

I’ve been to Magic Mountain here with the kids, and family during holidays.  There’s a bit more green here in these hills just north of the LA basin.  And yes it was a beautiful sunny October day in Southern California.

Through the Bible in the Bay area

Hillside Covenant Church – Webster Groves, CA – October 3

They have two packed services here in the green hills east of Oakland.  Loved the atmosphere—and the responses.  Flying up to the Bay area from LA (as opposed to travelling to Atlanta or DC) is like walking down the block.

Through the Bible in Missouri

Webster Groves Presbyterian Church – September 26

Woe, this is a cathedral-like, grand place in a St. Louis suburb.  Worship Director Shawn Portell was a gracious host.  Enjoyed doing “Chosen Garment” for their contemporary service, and also the workshop “Books into Pictures” for their study time.

Columbia Adventist Church – September 25

Just had to come out here in the middle of the state because this is the town I was born in.  Wonderful to be able to celebrate the riches of the Word in the place where my life began.  And Pastor Sam Whatley has a great conversion story—coming out of an abusive childhood.  Driving by the Mizou Tiger stadium—hmm, I guess I better root for this guys; got Missouri blood in me.

Through the Bible in Tulare, CA

Tulare First Baptist Church – September 19

There are many more American Baptist churches in California than I realized.  Seems quite Bible-based.  Had a wonderful time talking with Pastor Robert Medcalf about his ministry.  We have Campus Crusade in common.  Great worship band with Daniel Elias.  Yea, contemporary (euphemism for rock-and-roll) gets me going.

Through the Bible in Springfield, MO

Macedonia Baptist Church – September 12

Interesting name.  Good, solid Baptist folk there in the heartland.  Well football season is here.  Pastor Rich Jenkins took me out to eat after the service—and there were the games, all up on HD screens.  Yea, the screams about an NFL team don’t quite elevate like the sounds of worship.  But it was a great day to wind down after giving it up in the service.

Seminole Baptist Temple – September 12

Then in the afternoon rushed over to this huge church for a special evening event.  Pretty full house.  Rev. Don Baier had one of the cleverest, funniest offering appeals I’ve ever heard.

Through the Bible in Kansas City

Bethany Lutheran Church, Overland Park – August 29

There was something about that large wooden cross out a very tall window behind the pulpit, surrounded by tree leaves rustling in the wind.  Made that symbol of the earthshaking sacrifice that changed the world a very living thing that day.  Sometimes a more traditional worship service warms me in a different way.  I enjoyed it.  And it was a pleasure doing “Chosen Garment” for a special afternoon gathering.  Also doing it for chapel at Lutheran High on Monday.  Check out Pastor Bryan Drebes’ wonderful comment at “Latest Endorsements.”

Through the Bible in Orlando

Orlando Central Church – August 28

Quite a diverse group there, with skyscrapers in the neighborhood.  I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for lunch gracious people, had to fly out.

Through the Bible in Jacksonville

Southside Baptist Church – August 25

Jacksonville has a great skyline, looking over the midtown bridge, and the church had a great supper this Wednesday night.  In the city named after Andrew Jackson, it’s great to show the Bible as the most compelling of histories.

Through the Bible in Phoenix

First Southern Baptist Church, Scottsdale  – August 22

See, you take Phoenix in August, yes blazing hot, almost melted out there at the book table after “Chosen Garment,” but you know what stands out?  That southern hospitality.  Yea my son Jason, who was there helping me, great fun, noticed it as well.  They just have a knack for easy fellowship.  Great to share with your congregation Pastor Berry Norwood.

Through the Bible in DC

Sligo Church – August 7

At the close of World War II, navy officer Ramon Mosley returned to his young bride in the Washington D.C. area and they attended the Sligo Church.  Recently I read my mother’s journal and discovered what a huge blessing it was for them to listen to the church leaders and scholars who spoke at this large church week after week.  So it had special meaning for me to give back—on their Homecoming Weekend.  And I’ve never seen such a swarm around the book table, couldn’t really keep up with all folks asking about materials.  And yes I love trying to do something beautiful for God (Chosen Garment) in a beautiful sanctuary.  The next day I did Atholton Church in Columbia, MD.  Pastor Steve Jencks and his wife were wonderful hosts.  Oh my all that greenery, trees arching overhead as you drive through suburbs, really strikes us Southern California people.

Through the Bible in Houston, TX

First Baptist Church – July 28

“Chosen Garment” for the final evening of their Bible conference there, in Katy, a suburb on the west side of Houston.  Pastor Randy White is beginning televised sermons now.  And he has a great sense of humor.   At a dinner afterwards he had me believing some young seminary professors at the table were actually his kids!

Through the Bible in Birmingham, AL

Green Valley Baptist Church – July 26

They have a Summer Night series featuring special guests.  Especially enjoyed this gathering, hosted by Education Pastor David Byrd.   Alabama gets it—a taste of the Crimson Tide that flows from the spotless life given up by Christ.

Through the Bible in Las Cruces, NM

First Baptist Church – July 18

Great to be back again, from last summer.  This time I presented “Where’s the Plan?  The Whole Bible in One Testimony” Sunday evening, the third Whole Bible dramatic church presentation I’ve created.  Let me tell you it is a lot of work tweaking and getting new props and memorizing a presentation you haven’t done as much.  This is the more poetic one.  And yes, when you lift it up to Him, it’s undeniably rewarding.

Through the Bible in Ventura, CA

The River Community – July 11

Yes you can take in the ocean surf in the breeze wafting through this sanctuary.  And you can take in a piece of God’s Spirit there.  You know one thing that sticks with me.  The circle of prayer with the staff before the service.  Really lifting everything up to the One vaster than the ocean.

(Vacation – Mountain biking with my brothers in Sedona, Arizona.  Now there’s a pretty jazzy, colorful example of God’s creation.)

Through the Bible in LA

Terranova Church – June 27

The weekend actually started Saturday with a young adult group in the Vallejo Drive Church, Glendale.  I presented my testimony about how the Word changed in my life—from boring dinner guest to electrified text.  It’s such a privilege to share it now through dramatic church presentations.

Then on Sunday I went down to Lake Forest to a very cool, seeker-oriented church led by Pastor John Reed who was starting a trip through The Story of the Bible.  I love it when others get into the Big Picture.  I believe it’s a neglected aspect of the Word’s inspiration.  The comments at the book table really got to me.  Made a note of some of them:
Very impressive.
Really enjoyed it.
That was spectacular.
It was fabulous.

Through the Bible in Houston, TX

Champion Forest Baptist Church – May 23

What a wonderful venue to do this presentation in!  Walking around the high glass in the foyer, on my way to setting up the book table, I almost felt like I was in an opera house.  And the comments afterward from folks really blew me away.  Houston humidity–we have no problem.  It’s the spirit of the folks there that counts–enjoying the richness of the Word presented in dramatic fashion.

Through the Bible in Milpitas, CA

Calvary Assembly of God – May 16

OK here’s a God thing.  I’ve been working on a TV special for weeks and the demands on my weak back started straining me.  Travel takes a toll too.  So this morning Pastor Stan Rutkowski noticed I was stressed (chronic pain does that to you; wears you down) and offered to pray.  He asked for Christ’s healing touch before the worship service started.  Five minutes into Chosen Garment I realized something—I felt more energy than I have in weeks—even without the back pain issue.  Really felt healed—even after my time at the book table, time wrapping up my garments and props, even after driving all the way from the Bay down to LA.  Have to say Christ’s healing touch is alive and well in our world.

Conference Workshop – May 15

Sunset Christian Center – Rocklin, CA

Spoke again at the Preteen Leaders Conference led by Sean Sweet.  In “Secrets of Jesus Touch” I talk about how we can touch things in people (in kids) that turn to gold.  There’s hidden treasure to be found in everyone—and Jesus shows us how to find it.

Through the Bible – home in LA

Westlake Lutheran Church – May 9

I love being able to honor Mom, doing Chosen Garment on Mother’s Day.  I tell the story about how she was able to be a gracious hostess—even on her death bed.  Cannot thank God enough for all that my loving, godly parents gave me.

The Bridge Bible Fellowship – May 7

Thank God that I got well from Montezuma’s Revenge so I could do this Friday evening event.  Thursday I was smashed; couldn’t imagine getting on my feet.  Presented Chosen Garment for their choir banquet in Reseda.  Worship Pastor Steve Lively’s personality overflows as much as the food at this happy occasion.

El Salvador with Compassion International – May 3-7

It’s my privilege to partner with this ministry.  And they took me and other presenters, musicians, speakers on a tour of their work in this country.  Loved being able to talk to all the folks down there (since I grew up in Mexico and Colombia and speak Spanish.)  Compassion is so deep and thorough in their work with the poorest people in the world.  The help folks physically, emotionally, spiritually, educationally.   Sponsoring kids really does have a tremendous impact.

Through the Bible in Mississippi and Alabama

First Baptist Church, Gulf Shores – May 2

I had no idea Alabama had such a beautiful beach area.  It’s like Fort Lauderdale.  And unfortunately, at this time they were waiting for that big oil spill to land.  It could be devastating for this area’s economy.  Had to walk out on the beach while it’s still pristine white sand.  Wonderful worship at this large church.  Worship Pastor Craig Stringfield and Senior Pastor Lloyd Stilley were very gracious hosts.

Gulf Coast SDA Church – May 1

A place where Katrinna hit—near Biloxi, MS, but you know, praises to God are still lifted up in this place.  And it was a privilege to share the story of the whole Bible.

Through the Bible in Mid-CA

Cornerstone Community Church – April 18

Assembly of God worship is always a rush upwards, and this congregation is no exception.  A great privilege to share there in Manteca, above Modesto.  And I decided to actually write down the comments people made after “Chosen Garment” because I feel so blessed by the responses: Outstanding.
What a creative way to share the Gospel!
Your ministry is amazing.
Very well done, beautiful.                                                                                                                                                                               Great chat with Pastor Scott Hoag & family & staff afterward.  They are wanting to start a Creative Arts school.  There are not enough plays/presentations that are great for kids.  Any ideas out there.

Sunnyside Adventist Church – April 17

Here’s a progressive, more evangelical SDA Church in Fresno, led by Pastor Dennis Ray, greatly beloved there.  Wonderful responses from people who are usually on the more reserved end of the spectrum.  Really enjoyed getting to know the pastor and his life story afterwards at a restaurant.

Through the Bible in Sacramento

Riverside Wesleyan Church – April 11

This is a Bible-based, evangelical group in the southern tip of Sacramento.  Pastor Mike Higley graciously asked me to make an appeal at the end of the service.  And it hit me: make it about rest.  Clothed in this priceless Chosen Garment, Christ’s perfect life, we can finally rest—from all our compulsions, all our unsettled states, all our insecurities.  Was also glad to work with Compassion volunteers beside my book table.

Auburn Presbyterian Church – April 11

In the evening, drove up through pouring rain toward the mountains northeast of Sacramento.  Auburn is kind of a resort town.  Why not have some coffee there, before setting up.  It was a lively audience (Go Presbyterians!) who appreciated the message.  Worship Pastor Preston Saunders told me they’d sold out the tickets, the DVD highlights really sold the presentation.  Made me think “Chosen Garment” might be a useful fundraising event for churches in these difficult financial times.

Through the Bible in San Jose

GateWay City Church – Easter, April 4

I like flying up to the Bay area.  Such a nice, short commute on this Spring day.  Not like winging across the country.  Communication Pastor Mike Brock took me out to eat before I set up Saturday night.  Big steak.  Formidable digestion required before I speak.  Enjoyed adapting “Chosen Garment” for Easter, because all the garments really do come to a climax, and come to live, when this Lord who gave it all up, comes back to life, and offers that life to us.  (And gotta try to be hip for the Silicon Valley.)  Pastor David Cannistraci presides over a large and very lively congregation.  They just about cleaned out the book table, and also took Compassion International packets to sponsor kids.  PTL.


Paradise Valley Adventist Church – April 3

This church had a special outreach event and drew people in to see how the whole Bible comes to a climax in “Chosen Garment” as the resurrection garment—Christ’s perfect life offered to us.  A very multi-ethnic congregation.  Pastor Will James has been active in a kids discipleship ministry.  I downed a great luncheon there before racing up to LAX.

Through the Bible in Athens

Church of the Nations – March 28

Driving through Athens past old Georgia mansions that now house UGA fraternities and sororities, you remember college (and not being in one of those) and are thankful you actually grew up and have a very meaningful career.  Detective Sammy Slide made an appearance at the Church of the Nations Palm Sunday breakfast, saw a lot of suspicious characters around.  Then did “Likely Suspects, The Whole Bible in One Mystery” for church.  They know how to worship there for sure.  And Pastor Mel Holmes commented that there was a real point, a real punch line to this Whole Bible presentation, as this cynical, old-school detective finally is put under the spotlight himself by the weight of the cross.


Northwest Ministry Conference – March 19 & 20

This is a big event, a lot of people swarming into Overlake Christian Church, scores of workshops, scads of booths.  I did “Show is Better Than Tell” as a workshop.  Of course there are many going on at the same time.  Talked to people through the day at my table (hmmm, maybe I’m more writer than talker, pretty exhausted at the end of the day) and did “Chosen Garment” as a Making the Bible Dramatic presentation.  Thanks for having me Gary Dixon.

Through the Bible in the City of Orange – DRAMATIC CHURCH PRESENTATIONS IN FEBRUARY

Household of Faith – February 21

Just down the street from the (former) Anaheim Pond.  Now this is a lively congregation; no doubt there’s a joyful noise going up to the heavens from here.  Pastor Orlando Barela and his staff do some serious outreach in that community–including work with gang members.  Their barbecue fundraiser after the service was great.  Ana McKeehan, from Women of Faith, who saw the “Chosen Garment” presentation, may get involved in promoting it!

Through the Bible in San Juan Capistrano – DRAMATIC CHURCH PRESENTATIONS IN JANUARY

Ocean Hills Community Church – January 20

One of the first Calvary Chapels, I believe.  They have a Wednesday evening service where I presented.  Rock concert lighting and a great band.  Senior Pastor Jim Nicol brings a full-on Scottish brogue to this hipster congregation.  I bet it’s refreshing to hear the Gospel coming at you through this other Flavor!  His comments afterward kind of blew me away, frankly.  Check “Latest Endorsements.”

Through the Bible in San Diego

Trinity Church – January 17

I’m doing “Chosen Garment” in Spring Valley on the evening of my birthday (after surfing, or trying to, with my daughter that morning in La Jolla.)  Head of a women’s ministry called Girlfriends Unlimited, Lucy Clanton, is a lively, fun hostess.  She brings a bit of Alabama hospitality to Southern California.  Senior Pastor Randy Yenter is one of the funniest, most personable preachers I have ever met.  Maybe he’s taking Presbyterians into a new orbit of Super Spontaneity!   OK here’s why I do these presentations.  Afterward at the book table, one of the people with gracious comments looked at me and said this was the most powerful, most moving presentation she’d ever witnessed.  And I could tell from her eyes that she really meant it.  This is a God thing.  I know I work very hard to make this a one-man show of the highest quality.  But that connection, that sense that the compelling story of the Word has really registered and inspired people—you have to give credit where credit is do—-the Creative Spirit of the Almighty.

Tierrasanta SDA Church – January 16

This place has a great breakfast and beautiful sanctuary.  The baptistry doubles as a fountain.  Original idea.  Pastor Gary McCary identifies himself as a progressive Adventist, opening up the church more to the community.  He’s a man who towers over you like a basketball center, yet projects a welcoming grace.  Great to have my daughter there at the book table where people swarmed.

Through the Bible detour down through Baja.

Had a little time off with the family in early January, down in San Jose de Cabo, the tip of Baja California.   Christian speaker slipped out of his roll to play pool volleyball, beach football, zip lines, waverunners, ATVs on beach hills—trying to keep up with my young adult kids.  Beautiful place in the sun.

Concord First Assembly – December 27 – DRAMATIC CHURCH PRESENTATIONS IN DECEMBER 2009

Going Through the Bible in North Carolina.  A lively congregation indeed here near Charlotte.  Pastor Rick Ross’s daughter, home for the holidays, did a very funny Christmas skit, full of redone lyrics to traditional holiday tunes that took us through the nativity.  Then it was my privilege to do Chosen Garment.  This is the kind of church that just did a fantastic Christmas production.   I fly from LA (and wonderful churhes here) to hear God echoed so dynamically in these voices on the other side of the country.  His praises in stereo.  Pretty cool.

Durham Five Oaks Church – December 26

You drive up from Charlotte to Raleigh-Durham, the Tar Heels are lurking around here somewhere.  It’s a smaller church, but as always, it’s a privilege for a Christian speaker to hear people say this was actually an “opportunity to experience God.”  Yes, the Almighty is lurking in His Word in all kinds of creative ways!

Westgate Chapel, Edmonds, WA – December 12

Going Through the Bible in Washington

OK I take it back, Alabama, Seattle can boast the real chilly weather.  Pastor Bill and Donna Coleman, who lead the Middle Adult group there hosted me for a Christmas banquet.  This couple obviously has earned a lot of appreciation there at Westgate, they were surprised with a lot of gifts at the event.  Great way to lift up those who lead us.

First Baptist Church, Irving, TX – December 4

Going Through the Bible in Texas

Lovely Christmas banquet and Christmas feast.  But I digested enough to be able to do the “Chosen Garment” presentation without collapsing on stage.  Executive Pastor Wayne Watkins was a considerate host.  Hey, if you want to know how to turn a fairly geriatric church into one bulging with young adults, ask Senior Pastor John Durham.  He’s done it there.  And he graciously said afterwards, this was one of the best gospel presentations he’d ever heard.

Valleydale Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL – December 6

Going through the Bible in Alabama

A great congregation there, created a beautiful Christmas setting in which to celebrate the gift of Christ’s Chosen Garment, His perfect life, offered to us as the Son of God comes into the world.  Hey it can get cold in Alabama!  Wonderful barbecue down there, love the cream spinach too.  Thank you Pastor Calvin Kelly.

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, IN – November 22 – DRAMATIC CHURCH PRESENTATIONS IN NOVEMBER 2009

Going Through the Bible in Indiana.

Thanksgiving special event on Sunday night. Bountiful supper with a generous congregation. Pastor Michael Ireland was a gracious host. Indianapolis was chilly but not cold the weekend of November 22. And they’re thrilled about how the Colts are doing. They enjoyed “Chosen Garment, The Whole Bible in One Act,” as a unique journey through Scripture and an entertaining story., Indianapolis, November 22Thanksgiving special event on Sunday night. Bountiful supper with a generous congregation. Pastor Michael Ireland was a gracious host. Indianapolis was chilly but not cold the weekend of November 22. And they’re thrilled about how the Colts are doing.
They enjoyed “Chosen Garment, The Whole Bible in One Act,” as a unique journey through Scripture and an entertaining story.

Irvington Church, Indianapolis, November 21

Small church, warm people. Head Elder of the church Bill Jeffries was a pleasure to work with. A dedicated believer with a great sense of humor who can understand my little 60s asides about—oh did I put Led Zeppelin on my presentation track by mistake!!? And, ladies and gentleman, the greatest church luncheon I’ve had in years. Never have so few created such a vast spread that will fill you so much. Think of it as gastronomic grace.

Walla Walla University, Walla Walla, WA, October 30 – DRAMATIC CHURCH PRESENTATIONS IN OCTOBER 2009

Going Through the Bible with College Students.

It’s a long and spectacular drive by the Columbia River Gorge from Portland to that southeast corner of Washington. Thank you for the nice suite on campus Chaplain Paddy McCoy. I did Chosen Garment for their Friday evening “vespers” service. Great worship band from Australia started things off. Love the youthful energy in this big church. Yes, one of those times I have to look up afterwards, as I’m putting all my stuff away, and say: this is what I should be doing with my life.

New Mexico Southern Baptist Convention, Santa Fe, NM, October 28

OK this is an example of why we need to praise God even in the midst of the most annoying of circumstances. The day started out with one of my luggage pieces still in LA—not Albuquerque. I had an evening presentation to prepare for up at the Glorieta Conference Center (a very impressive place indeed.) I call airlines. I wait. I go back to the airport. I got up to Glorieta to set up. I go back down to get the lost piece. It still hasn’t shown up. Missed flight after flight. One of the most stressful days ever—none of my garments made it! OK, so what can you do, grab some of the backdrop cloths, substitute this for that. And then you just give it up on the stage—have to. This is about God’s incredible story of salvation that stretches through Scripture, not about my perfect set up. And you know what, people were so appreciative. They even talked about how the storytelling elements come out even more, when there are fewer props. So, in other words, God does work good out of —– even the most inexplicable of journeys your bags may take.

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Las Vegas, NV, October 18

Going Through the Bible in “Sin City.”

So what’s it like doing Chosen Garment in Vegas? Well, this was probably the best Lutheran congregation I’ve ever presented to. Very responsive, enjoyed it greatly. Was it the chilly dinner beforehand? Was it their publicity efforts for this special Sunday night event? Anyway great comments. Mellowed me through the long drive home to LA.

Messiah Lutheran Church, Citrus Heights, CA, October 4

Every church should have a person like Sharon Thorpe to plan events. Her enthusiasm and energy seems invaluable. Always great to work with someone like that. Rev. Alan Flynn is blessed. Did Likely Suspects for these Sacramento area believers. They have a great idea for an after-church lunch in which people sit around smaller tables and interact over delicious snacks. A very good setting for getting to know visitors. (OK yea, and for selling my books & DVDs.)

First Presbyterian Church, Concord, CA October 4

Ran down to the Bay area for an evening presentation. The church sits in one of those old-downtown-turned-super-trendy spots in a city. Great Sunday night group there for Chosen Garment. Pastor Jim Cismowski let me have plenty of the ice cream afterward. Makes you feel all warm inside about Presbyterians.

Trinity United Methodist Church, Little Rock, AR, September 27 – DRAMATIC CHURCH PRESENTATIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2009

Through the Bible in Arkansas.

Very classy place, very classy people. Dr. Robin Moore has a congregation going that is in touch with worship and in touch with the arts. Also enjoyed visiting the Clinton Presidential Library. And oh yes Little Rock High School where the civil rights movement took a historic turn.

Richland Bible Church, Kalamazoo, MI, September 20

Well driving all the way from Chicago (because my flight was delayed and I couldn’t connect) I made my way to little Kalamazoo. How in the world did they get a church this size going in such a smallish population. (Isn’t it great when what God has going on is bigger than most any business in town!) Awesome worship band there. Really do a coherent worship service with all the elements. So it was a joy for me to put it out there with Chosen Garment.

North Pointe Community Church, Edmonton, Ontario, Canada, September 13

Through the Bible in Canada.

Hey Edmonton is quite the metropolis (to drive through) didn’t realize that. On the north side of the city Rev. Robert Jones has built up quite an energetic congregation. Great contemporary band. I set up my Chosen Garment scene in the midst of football locker room props, believe it or not. They are in the middle of a theme that relates athletic preparation to spiritual growth. But, thankfully, no one tackled me during the presentation. They were enthusiastic in their comments. And here’s a sidelight. One woman came up to the book table greatly troubled about finding her place as a Christian with a native Canadian (like native American) heritage. Sometimes she feels lost between two worlds. And thank God I thought of Ruth’s story. What a classic of a woman caught between two cultures who makes a clear commitment to God’s path, and ends up transcending all cultures as an ancestor of the Messiah. That story really brightened up her face; she went home to look it up.

Canadian University College, Between Calgary and Edmonton, Ontario, Canada, September 11 & 12.

Always enjoy interacting with university students. There’s such a dynamic in the air as these kids are in the process of discovering how they will use their talents in the future. Detective Sammy Slade in “Likely Suspects, The Whole Bible in One Mystery” made his appearance for their Friday evening program. I had some time to walk around the beautiful little lake on campus Saturday. Saturday evening did “Chosen Garment.” It’s always great to give young adults a picture of how art and theater can be used in original ways for the glory of God.

Faith Bible Chapel, Arvada, CO September 2

This is a huge church with a lot going on and it was a privilege to start out their special Wednesday evening events for the Fall season. Rod Ginn was my contact man; enjoyed their expansive buffet with him. Doing Chosen Garment on a broad stage, with this wide spread of theatrical seating, made it especially rewarding.

River City Calvary Chapel, Sacramento, CA August 30, 2009 – DRAMATIC CHURCH PRESENTATIONS IN AUGUST 2009

I really like doing my Whole Bible presentations at Calvary Chapels since they tend to preach through the Bible in a year. Pastor Mike Butera is a good host with a good sense of humor. It’s a small church with a lively, friendly spirit. They’ve turned a former restaurant into place of worship.

I decided to drive up. Which is the better the 99 or the 5? Either way you need good CDs to listen to.

One reason it’s such a great privilege to do what I do is that I’m going through the Bible (what a wonderful trip) while journeying through the Body of Christ. I’m going through the Bible while listening to believers praise God wholeheartedly in different cities across America (it’s a little like listening to the Lord in stereo.) For that I am deeply grateful.