Through the Bible – Drama & Workshops


This is a way to go through the Bible as a series, combining dramatic church presentations
and workshops on alternating nights
The overall purpose is to give people a big picture of the Bible’s message that will inspire and motivate them to become a participant in that big picture. In other words, you go through the Bible to end up more enveloped by it.
Visitors see the Word as they’ve never imagined it before.
Members get a renewed sense of how wonderful God’s big plan really is.

We can also feature a small group activity after each presentation. Give new people an opportunity to interact with members. Discuss the topic.
Ask each one: What’s the next step you need to take in your life? How could God give you a breakthrough? What’s holding you back?
Have each person make a specific prayer request during this week and report on the results the final Sabbath.

Through the Bible – Drama
Where’s the Plan? The Whole Bible in One Testimony
In this presentation Steven take a trip through the Bible that illuminates his own journey from the anger and confusion and rebellion of the post-divorce world to a redemptive discovery that God does indeed have a plan for our lives.
It’s a search for home again, a way back to Eden.
Israel falling for idols proves an uncomfortable description of his own way of acting out in the compulsive dating scene.
He finds himself running away from the “big stick” of God’s law, from the throne of God’s sovereignty and from the fire of the prophets.
But a moment-of-truth encounter with the One who loved unconditionally opens up the epistles in a new way. Steven discovers that the throne turns into a sofa, the fire turns into a fireplace, and the law turns letters. And all that, quite unexpectedly, can give you a home; yes home is the place where you’ve got mail.

POINT: Begin from a place of skepticism; the disappointments of life can make you question God & faith. Touch doubts the audience can identify with.

GROUP: what will it take to help you believe, there’s a plan. Prayer target.
Give Handouts: Surrender vs. Resist
Tin Soldier Tim vs. Rag Doll Rhoda
Your Personality Spectrum

Through the Bible – Workshop
Where’s the Plan ends up affirming that you can find a meaningful plan for your life even after disappointment.
This workshop demonstrates specific ways you can find meaning in the midst of the bad things that happen.
Use handout: Surrender vs. Resist

Books into Pictures
What if each book of the Bible could become a distinct weapon in our hands, a specific resource we could use in dealing with day-to-day challenges? I shows how we can see the big picture, how to compress the basic message of a Bible book into one vivid, compelling image. That’s a very practical way to go through the Bible. Participants come away with three encouraging pictures that will keep them looking up when everything else is pressing them down: Jeremiah’s white flag of surrender. Daniel’s heroic banner of resistance. Paul’s eternal blue sky above the rain in Philippians.

POINT. Help people begin applying the Big Picture to their lives in a practical way.

Through the Bible – Drama
Likely Suspects, The Whole Bible in One Mystery
This dramatic
Christian church presentation takes people through the Bible story—looking back from the “scene of the crime,” the cross of Christ. It’s a mystery story focusing on why Jesus had to die.
A hardboiled detective, Sammy Slade, imagines he can solve this “cold case” once and for all. He throws the spotlight on Likely Suspects—enemies of the Messiah, the biggest villains of Scripture. To get into their heads he must imagine them as real characters in our world. The turf-protecting Philistine becomes Hillbilly Lester, the brutal Assyrian Sennacherib becomes a city street Tough Guy, the stuffy Pharisee becomes British Officer Montague.
dramatic church presentation reaches a climax when the detective realizes that the likeliest suspect is hidden deep in each one of our hearts.
Likely Suspects gives the audience a new appreciation of our need for the gracious forgiveness that comes from the One rejected and despised by humanity.

POINT: Help people rediscover a time-worn cliché: the cross, and how it can bring grace into their lives.


Through the Bible – Workshop
Likely Suspects suggests grace is a wonderful solution.
This workshop is about really absorbing it. It shows how grace can begin breaking through the barriers that are inherent in human nature.
Use handout: Tin Soldier Tim vs. Rag Doll Rhoda

Burned Out on Being Good
Too many people trying to live a life of faith attempt to “put out” while running on empty. Steven looks at the emotional causes of burn out and why it’s so hard to build up self-esteem once it’s been punctured. Participants learn how to escape the perils of Rag Doll Rhoda (passive insecurity) and Tin Soldier Tim (aggressive insecurity) and to seek the God who creates a home in our hearts.
Unhealthy religion reduces the Christian life to the avoidance of sin—getting rid of all those weeds. Healthy religion centers on qualities that build us up. Steven shows people how to move from exhaustive legalism to a faith that expands our lives.


Through the Bible – Drama
He Said, She Said, The Whole Bible in the Battle of the Sexes
The audience takes a bumpy ride through the clashes between men and women in the Bible.
These encounters lead to the ultimate encounter with the Christ who teaches us how to find Hidden Treasure in the one we are most likely to discount. We all find ourselves in need of the Secret of Jesus’ Touch.

Sometimes, as a midweek break we can plan a special Q&A session. Make it a social occasion.

Through the Bible – Workshop
The Wednesday drama dealt with male and female personalities interacting through Scripture. This workshop deals with the specifics of your personality and how it fits into God’s Big Picture.
Use handout: Your Personality Spectrum

Your Personality Spectrum
How do you deal with the Difficult People in your life without getting caught up in their dysfunction? How do you help others who feel manipulated and controlled by Difficult People?
Steven has spent decades as a writer and producer at the Adventist Media Center researching how temperament traits fit into a “Spectrum of Personality.” He demonstrates that understanding how your qualities play out on that spectrum will enable you to deal with Difficult People from a position of strength. You’ll learn how to fight back with your gifts, not with their weapons.
A workshop that will enlighten you about yourself and all your relationships.

Through the Bible – Drama
We climax the series with a celebration of the Big Picture and an acceptance of this wonderful gift of the Chosen Garment of Christ.

Chosen Garment, The Whole Bible in One Act
In this dramatic
church presentation Steven takes people on a whirlwind tour of the Bible that’s both humorous and deeply moving.
Two Hebrew slaves in the mud pits of Egypt argue the merits of the man “plucked out of the Nile like a dead fish.”
An indignant prophet Elijah tosses aside Ahab’s royal robe as he tells the stubborn king that a coming drought means “God is going on strike.”
A Pharisee spy mocks the Capernaum crowd “fawning over this Galilean nail- pounder—formally introduced by a man who ate locusts!”
Running through many characters and stories, he turns Scripture into a breathtaking epic about the lengths to which God has gone to choose us as His own, highlighted by the garments of the patriarch, prophet and king. It comes to a climax in the Chosen Garment of Christ laid on our shoulders.

What this Big Picture Bible Tour does is give participants both an enlightening tour through the Bible, and also very practical applications of Big Picture themes. So going through the Bible isn’t just an academic exercise, it brings the richness of the Word into the heart.


Below is Christian speaker Steven Mosley’s summary and highlights of the Christian church presentation that has taken churches all over the country Through the Bible in a dramatic, unforgettable way.

Chosen Garment
The Whole Bible in One Act

In these live dramatic church presentations Steven takes people on a whirlwind tour of the Bible that’s both humorous and deeply moving.
Two Hebrew slaves in the mud pits of Egypt argue the merits of the man “plucked out of the Nile like a dead fish.”
An indignant prophet Elijah tosses aside Ahab’s royal robe as he tells the stubborn king that a coming drought means “God is going on strike.”
A Pharisee spy mocks the Capernaum crowd “fawning over this Galilean nail- pounder—formally introduced by a man who ate locusts!”
Running through many characters and stories, he turns Scripture into a breathtaking epic about the lengths to which God has gone to choose us as His own, highlighted by the garments of the patriarch, prophet and king.  It comes to a climax in the Chosen Garment of Christ laid on our shoulders.

Chosen Garment

Two Hebrew slaves in the mud pits of Egypt argue the merits of the man who is supposed to free them from Pharaoh.

Slave A.  “We’re the Chosen People?!.  Well maybe He could choose somebody else for a little while.  May the fathers forgive me.”
Slave B.  “Blasphemy.  Moses is going to bring us to freedom in the Promised
Slave A.  “Freedom Schmeedom.  And so much he knows?  Did he pick up
divine wisdom spending the last 40 years talking with sheep?  He just got lucky.  Picked up out of the Nile like a dead fish and he lands in a palace.  This I should see.  Though it’s not mine to question how He bestows His blessings.”

Through the Bible – Moses

Moses had to learn extraordinary patience as he taught his unruly flock of sheep what it means to be God’s special possession.  He had to keep reminding them that El Shaddai still promising, still calling out:

Love me with all your heart and soul and might
Just as I love you and will stand watch in the sky
A sentry cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night
Guarding my portion forever, the apple of my eye.

One of the chosen clan leaders of Israel interrogates one of the chief whiners among those wandering the wilderness:

“You were specifically overheard saying, “It was better back in Egypt.  At least we had leeks and onions.”
“No, no.  What I said was, ‘It was wetter, wetter back in Egypt.’  Yea.  By the Nile.  Muddy.  But here you’ve got wonderful dry heat in the desert.  And I didn’t say leaks and onions.  I said we had weeks of bunions.  Bad foot problems, yea, big bunions in rainy season, those weeks when it’s wetter, back in Egypt.  Weeks of bunions.”

Through the Bible – Kings

The children of Israel begin to look enviously at the robe of a monarch.  They demand a king, like everybody else.  Saul ascends the throne.

“The affairs of state weigh on my broad shoulders you understand
Being the king of Israel, I must have all under my command.
Oh I know there are strange rumors flying about of late
That the prophet Samuel is looking for another candidate
That he’s chosen some shepherd boy, with a psalmist’s heart
But I’m tall dark and handsome, at least look the part.”

Solomon felt the honor of the Chosen Garment at first.   But after all the nations came seeking his wisdom, King Solomon’s choosing became divided.  He split his time between composing wonderful proverbs and acquiring heathen women by the dozen.

“People curse a man who simply hoards his gain
More desirable than great riches is a good name.

But I’m the king and require royal ladies to comfort my slumbers.
I’ll aim at 700 wives, I’ve always liked nice, round numbers.

Quarrelsome women are like a constant dripping on a rainy day
Restraining them is like trying to hold the wind at bay
Better is a dry crust of bread with a little peace and quiet
Than a house full of feasting and this constant female riot.”

Through the Bible – Prophets

Israel developed something of a tic: compulsive bowing syndrome.  It’s like they never met an idol they didn’t like.  But still God wanted them to be his chosen.  So he would send prophets to convey his most passionate appeals, prophets like Elijah

“You’ve abandoned God’s covenant to do whatever you like
So I have come to tell you, God is going on strike.
Not a spot of dew, not a drop of rain will fall on this land
Until you repent and submit to the Sovereign Lord’s command.”

God kept appealing through his prophets, but they just wouldn’t come
back to the One and Only.  In the end, all the garments were lost and the covenant shattered.  So no one could have guessed that these garments would reappear spectacularly, in a most unlikely place–the sleepy Galilean town of Capernaum.  One of the spies of the Pharisees arrives to check things out.

Through the Bible – Jesus

“How do people fall for this stuff?  He was formally introduced by a man who ate locusts.  This doesn’t bother anyone?!  He attracts lepers like flies.  The pooled intelligence of His entire inner circle is enough maybe to sort fish on the banks of Galilee.  And then he claims to make the deaf hear, the blind see, the paralyzed walk, unclean spirits flee with their tails between their legs. One day there was a special on lepers; he was healing ten at a time. Who’s going to believe this!?”

When Jesus puts on his garment it seems to spread out magically and make room for others to come inside, room for all kinds of people.

“Come to Me, come on in.  The burdened and the yearning,  the broken
and the bound.
I want you, wild man of Gerasene, dragging a broken chain
There’s a disciple in there somewhere.  What’s your real name?

I choose you woman at the well, fresh out of husbands, having a little fling
You’re not too dried up for living water welling up like a spring.

I choose you feisty street urchin, following me around with that silly grin.
See them bickering about the kingdom?  You’ll be the first one in.

Jesus kept spreading out His magical garment, until one day they ripped
it from His shoulders and tossed dice for the seamless garment.
It wasn’t until some time later that anyone grasped what this garment was all about.  We would never have guessed who made the discovery. Sanhedrin Saul belonged to a group that took their garments very seriously.  Jesus once accused them of loving to parade in their dignified robes, their righteous appearances.  Imagine if you will the main event at the Sanhedrin, a Pharisee fashion show.

“Shun that Gentile in style; give that leper wide berth; make sure unclean remain unseen—while sporting this nifty ensemble that says, “I can recite the entire book of Deuteronomy—backwards.”
Through the Bible – The Apostle Paul.

Saul, the Pharisee of Pharisees began his career as a persecutor.  But
God knocked him off his high horse on the way to Damascus and this hopeless fanatic became the first to grasp the meaning of the Garment.

The Father accepting the many through the obedience of One.
Substituted for our worst, His Best, the beloved Son.
How is it this twisting and writhing turns into an embrace?
And this forsaken transgressor becomes an acrobat of grace?

Paul carried the garment with him everywhere; he thought he could turn the world upside down with it.  And then this patriarch of a new faith did something historic in the name of his sovereign, the Lord Jesus Christ.  He turned the garment into a banner, waving it over the ruins of legalism.  He tells us that, when we accept this garment, amazing terms of endearment start to come to us from the Father:

Beloved children, priceless inheritance–that’s God’s confession:
We are the fragrance of Christ, led in triumphal procession.
Given every spiritual blessing in heavenly places.
The light of the glory of Christ shines on our faces.

After all this time, after all these garments, God finally had someone
who chose back.  For millennia the Father bent over this dead world trying to resuscitate it with his own heartbeat.  And finally, someone felt the pulse of God’s choosing.

Highlights of going Through the Bible in the Chosen Garment presentation.  You can check out video highlights in this website at “Dramatic Church Presentations.”