Besides his extensive experience as a Christian speaker, Steven has served as a producer for Christian television since 1984. He can work with your budget to create videos with a winsome message and powerful visual impact.



Exploring the Word – 43 telecasts produced. 2002--2006
Steven created the show format, planned the budget, wrote the scripts, directed the studio shoot and location shoots. Edited each program.
This programs included Lonnie & Jeannie Melashenko interacting in the studio, teaching by Lonnie accompanied by graphics, and unique discussion-group-reality-tv segments in which four young Christian actors with four different points of view talked about how the principles in each show had impacted their lives.

Intersection – Four pilot telecasts produced. 2007
Steven planned the budget and created the show format, working with show host and executive producer. In each program in which several participants debated both sides of a controversial issue, he created the scripts and segue segments, directed the studio shoot and the location segments. Edited each program.

Lifestyle Magazine - Segment Production. 2000 to present.
Steven has put together over 20 Lifestyle Magazine shows, lining up guests, planning the interview format and segment progression---including the LM show nominated for an award in 2009: “Finding God in the Midst of Tragedy.”

Kids in Discipleship.
Steven produced the Kids in Discipleship promotional video. He planned budget, wrote the script and directed the location shoots in San Diego showing this ministry in action. Edited the piece.

It Is Written. Over 100 programs produced. 1996--2002
Steven wrote the scripts for Mark Finley, directed drama segments, and edited the programs on many It Is Written series, including:

“Breaking Through Barriers to God,” a five-part series in which half of the program featured a drama in which five old college mates get together for a weekend and, in trying to “rescue” the one they think suicidal, are led to their own moments of truth.

“The Ultimate Survivor,” a three-part series which turned the popular Survivor TV show on its head. Three young adults out in the woods, find they can work together, instead of compete, to deal with their real-life issues---as opposed to artificial ones.

“What My Parents Did Right,” a three-part series featuring many interviews with young adults who recalled what it was their parents said---which actually stuck with them.

“Still Standing,” a six-part series which included dramatized segments of biblical characters who stood against the odds.

Promotional Videos. 2000s
Steven produced several promotional videos for
Vision Builders
VOP 75th Anniversary
A media center involving several television ministries.

Discover Video Bible Guides. 26 programs produced. 1998
Steven planned the budget, created the format, wrote the scripts and directed the studio shoots with a live audience for Lonnie Melashenko. The programs featured interviews with people who had a testimony related to a specific doctrine. They included innovative graphics and B-roll footage from several sources.
Edited each program.



It Is Written - Over 200 programs written. 1983--1996
Steven scripted scores of It Is Written telecasts for George Vandeman and Mark Finley over the years. They included several series shot in cities around the world. He helped set up and direct many location shoots.

“Empires in Collision” Rome, Paris & New Delhi

“Unshakeable Faith” London, Amsterdam, Ghent, Wittenberg and Prague

“Faith Against the Odds” Northern Italy, Austria—Waldensian locations.

“Letters From a Great Physican” Middle Eastern sites of Revelation’s seven churches.

Steven also wrote a series featuring several Loma Linda University School of Public Health professionals: “God’s Health Plan.”
He wrote a seven-part series taped at Florida Hospital: “Creation Health.”

PRODUCER CREDITS - 1970\'s and 1980s

Scripted, produced and edited the following:

A father and teenage daughter quarrel and then unexpectedly discover something precious they have in common. The story is portrayed in a music video format featuring the title song by "First Call."

A film produced in Japan dramatizing the reunion of a young architect, who has just become a Christian, with his very secular, boyhood pal.

A Canvas for the Heart

The story of a Japanese man torn between his need to care for his crippled wife and his dream of making it big as an avant-garde artist.
His spiritual journey takes him to Zen Buddhism and finally to an encounter with Jesus Christ.

The Retriever, The Burden, A Fortune, Breach

A series of pantomime films illuminating the gospel, featuring the artistry of Mark Duarte.

The Heralds
A thirty-minute television pilot program for TBN introducing the Heralds quartet which featured interviews, a kids segment, a devotional message, and a variety of music videos.

Ministry of Healing
A thirty minute film highlighting the work of three Christian hospitals in Japan.


"There are some rare individuals, far ahead of their time, who influence minds with their pens. With fresh insights they discover a unique way of stating important truths. Steven Mosley is one of these. His powerful writing speaks to the imagination."
George Vandeman, Former Director/Speaker, It Is Writtten

"Steven Mosley is an artist and a craftsman, both as a wordsmith and a producer. I\'ve always enjoyed working with him. He wrote and produced our Discover Video Bible Guides, always with that extra flair for professionalism and a clever twist of just the right word.”
Lonnie Melashenko – Host on Exploring the Word

Steven Mosley has the unique ability of taking profound biblical themes and making them simple. His illustrations are on target. They grip your heart.
Mark Finley, Former Director/Speaker, It Is Written

"Steven Mosley has a fresh way of smuggling truth in under the guise of narrative. His stories sneak past the stern sentinel of bias and slide into the heart."
Tim Crosby – Book Editor

Steven Mosley is the most creative individual I’ve worked with.
Jim Ayars, The Heralds Steven has served as a producer for Christian television since 1984. He can work with your budget to create videos with a winsome message and powerful visual impact