Christian Speaker - Steven Mosley




My passion is to put the Word in the spotlight---to demonstrate that it’s as winsome and intriguing as the biggest celebrity out there.

I love it when its essential message glows in people’s hearts.

I love it when people are moved by the Big Picture that can come together through these 66 biblical books.  When folks tell me how much something like “Chosen Garment” has made Scripture come alive for them---I get a huge this-is-why-I’m-on-this-earth feeling. 

I believe the story of the Bible contains the biggest, most redemptive dose of grace humankind has ever, and will ever, experience.  So I work hard to shape my “Whole Bible in One Act” presentations so that this priceless grace of God shines brightly as the climax of the story in various ways.  Many of my workshops also focus on how we can make the Word come alive for people.

The forgiveness and counsel and support and inspiration I have found in a relationship with Christ over the years motivates me to try to make the riches of His Word more accessible to individuals who find the Bible rather hard to get into.

I have a big burden about art and faith in Christ coming together again---like they did centuries ago with, say, Handel’s “Messiah” or Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.  So my prayer is that God will use my presentations to make worship more artful and the Word compelling for people.

There are few blessings that I sense more keenly than the experience of really connecting with an audience, sensing people are deeply moved---and knowing that it’s all about Him and His matchless story.



Steven Mosley brings a rich and varied background as a Christian speaker to all his presentations----growing up in Latin America, being discipled by Campus Crusade for Christ, making films in Japan, producing drama segments for scores of television shows, speaking at churches and conferences all across America.

These experiences have shaped Steven Mosley as a Christian speaker, and also as a Christian writer and producer.




Steven is the writer of twelve Christian books, including Secrets of the Mustard Seed, Secrets of Jesus’ Touch and, Great Stories and How to Tell Them. His book Glimpses of God was a featured selection in the Guideposts Book Club.  James Robison, who offered A Tale of Three Virtues on his telecast wrote: "Up to this point in my life, \'A Tale of Three Virtues\' is the greatest book I\'ve ever read apart from the Bible."  

Christian writer Steven’s articles have appeared in "Christianity Today," "Moody Monthly," "Discipleship Journal," "Charisma," "His," "Family Life Today," "Eternity," and "Christian Parenting Today."
He won Grand Prize in "Insight\'s" 1986 Short Story Writing Contest; second place in 1981 and 1982.


Hailed as an artist in the use of the English language, he is a popular Christian speaker who conducts both professional seminars for Christian leaders and weekend retreats for churches throughout the country. These days, he is gone most weekends doing his “Whole Bible” dramatic presentations----Chosen Garment, Likely Suspects and Where’s the Plan? They have become powerful worship experiences for many congregations.   Steven brings a Big Picture perspective to both his workshops as a Christian speaker, and his dramatic church presentations.


With over 200 telecasts to his credit, Steven Mosley is a Telly and Angel award-winning producer and scriptwriter who has been making the Bible come alive for contemporary audiences since 1984. Some of his major projects include the seven-part series on Christian martyrs, “Unshakable Faith,” and a seven-part series, “Empires in Collision,” taped in Paris, Rome, Paris and New Delhi. 
Steven has a special gift for dramatizing conversion stories for television and has directed many performers from Actors Coop of Hollywood Presbyterian Church.
Building on his experience as a Christian speaker, as well as director and producer, Steven has served in the Saddleback Community Church drama ministry and as the Director of Drama for Coast Hills Community Church in Southern California. His films and music videos include, “The Rendezvous,” “Undivided,” and “Unpromising Canvases.”

Steven grew up in Mexico and Colombia, blessed by loving, godly parents. During his college years he was greatly influenced by Campus Crusade for Christ. He worked in Japan for five years, teaching Bible classes and making evangelistic films. The experience taught him a great deal about communicating with people who are profoundly secular.  All of has broadened Steven Mosley, Christian speaker.

He has two grown children: Jason and Jennifer.