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Secrets of Jesus' Touch

Secrets of Jesus' Touch
Secrets of Jesus’ Touch
Ten Things You Can Touch in People that Turn to Gold


    There are times when individuals electrify an entire population.
In 1956 Elvis was so hot he created a new phenomenon: the mass idol, sweeping America all the way from “Heartbreak Hotel” to “Hound Dog.”
    In 1965 the Beatles were so hot they pushed a Shea Stadium full of people into hours of hysteria.
    In 1987 Michael Jackson was so hot he moon-walked all the way into pop deity, with “Bad” debuting at number one on Billboard charts.
    At certain moments in history, a star’s charisma springs to epic proportions.  He’s the new thing, and everybody wants a piece of him.  He embodies the times so powerfully, people start to invest their hopes and longings in this person.  They follow the star’s every move in the tabloids.  They imitate the star’s every fashion quirk at the mall.
    Amazingly enough, that’s the way it was with an ex-carpenter from a sleepy Galilean town called Nazareth.  If you really want to understand the Jesus phenomena of the first century, only rock stars in our time offer a parallel.  Nothing in religion comes close. 
    We are used to seeing Jesus through various filters, of course.  After all, he’s a long way off, in terms of history.  We have layers of theology that explain his teachings.  We have church rituals that memorialize his actions. In other words, he’s been institutionalized; we’re removed some distance from the dazzling charisma of his person on this earth.
But seeing him live was something else.  Jesus was mobbed wherever he went. 
When he paused by the shore of Lake Galilee to give a discourse, such a large crowd pressed around him on the sand, he had to get into a boat to speak. 
When he went to some “solitary place” on other side of the lake, a huge crowd would be there waiting.  People walked many miles from their villages just because word got out he might be heading to a certain spot. 
When they knew he’d be passing through a certain town, like Capernaum, the crowds that gathered “almost crushed him.”   Huge crowds “were trampling on one another” trying to get close.
When he stopped in someone’s house, the press of those wanting to get near this celebrity was so constant “he and his disciples were not even able to eat.” 
    Jesus was what was happening.  Jesus was the hot topic.  The question flying around every village well, every market place, every sheep pasture was: Who is this Man from Nazareth? 
    Even when Jesus tried to keep the buzz down, asking men given their sight not to tell anyone, the news raced through Galilee:  “People were overwhelmed with amazement.  ‘He has done everything well,’ they said.” 
    That was the understatement of people at a loss for words.  Jesus raised healing and teaching and ministering to a whole new level.  No one ever spoke like this man.  No one ever cared like this man.  And yes, no one ever touched like this man. 
There were other teaching rabbis who dispensed wisdom to the crowds.  There were others who claimed to heal.  But he was The Master---“Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel.” 
    Jesus touched people in a way no one else ever had.  And it was more than just a matter of removing illnesses or fixing twisted limbs.  He was the Man with the Golden Touch.  Everything and everyone he came in contact with was transformed.  After his touch, individuals wanted to drop their lives immediately and take up a new one with him.  That’s charisma.
    I believe the secret of Jesus’ touch is beautifully expressed in one of his pictures of the kingdom: the laborer who uncovers a great treasure buried in an ordinary wheat field.  Jesus had such a golden touch because he was constantly looking for hidden treasure.    He saw every human being as a person with a great treasure somewhere inside.  His touch uncovered it.
    As we shall see, that’s what Jesus did all over Judea and Galilee.  He left behind him a trail of human beings staring wide eyed at treasure dug up, sparkling in their hands.
    In this book we’re going to discover just how Jesus found hidden treasure.  We’re going to discover just how he touched people and what he touched in people that enabled him to have such an extraordinary impact during his three-year career.  And that is going to show the way to great relationships, the way to empower the people around us. 
    The secrets behind Jesus’ touch will reveal--
How we can stretch, instead of just react.
    How we can make great things out of the smallest of gifts.
How we can avoid turning boundaries into brick walls.
    How we can learn the most from those who annoy us the most.
    How we can inject hope into hopeless cases.
How we can stop quarreling for love.
How we can find faith in the unlikeliest of places.

    Believers over the years have managed to preserve the principles on which Jesus Christ founded his kingdom.  We’ve organized them into doctrines very well.  But when it comes to charisma—that’s another story.  Today, we’re usually trying to defend ourselves and our children from “popular culture.”  Jesus was popular culture.  Conservative religious groups are apt to be made fun of by sophisticates in “the world.”  Jesus aroused the envy of sophisticates in his world.  We’re always warning our young not to follow the crowd.  Jesus couldn’t go anywhere without attracting huge crowds.
    We have the truth, but have we lost the touch---that sure touch, that surgically precise touch, that transforming touch?
    Our relationships can be empowered in extraordinary ways when we begin to understand this Man with the Golden Touch.
    We’ve got the truth; we need to recover his touch.