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Secrets of Jesus' Touch

Secrets of Jesus' Touch
Secrets of Jesus Touch - 145 pages

We’ve got the truth.

But have we lost the touch?

      Jesus had a knack for touching all kinds of people.  And he believed that, inside, everyone holds great treasure. There was always a way to find gold.  That’s why he awakened cynics who seemed incapable of responding, and sinners paralyzed by physical and psychological illnesses. He transformed women who’d sunk into prostitution and tax collectors who’d sold out to the Romans.

      In this refreshing book, Steven Mosley invites you to learn the secrets of Jesus’ touch. You too can find hidden treasure in the people around you. You can press past what baffles or annoys and touch the unspoken longing, the buried gift. You can delight in differences. You can pour in God’s grace and watch a bruised person blossom.

     “Christians have managed to preserve the principles on which Jesus Christ founded his kingdom. We’ve organized them into doctrines very well. We’ve got the truth; we need to recover his touch.


    “Steven uncovers, in the life and ministry of Jesus, golden nuggets of truth that will transform our lives and our relationships.  In Secrets of Jesus’ Touch we find pictures of real people and real relationships and truths that, if applied, will unlock the great potential in all of our relationships.” 

Rob DeKlotz, pastor, Saddleback Church; coordinator, Saddleback Bible Study Series.


“Secrets of Jesus’ Touch succinctly yet personally brought application to my life that will greatly affect my approach to ministry.”  

Gary Howse, assistant pastor, director of discipleship ministries, Church on the Way