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Route 66 Revisited

Route 66 Revisited
(This novel features 66 photographs---each chapter picturing a location and/or a theme along historic Route 66.)

The Route 66 Book Stop Tour

390 pages


Photographer Dean Weatherington’s cutting-edge portraits, Animated Stills, are the hottest thing going for LA celebrities.  But one afternoon he has to drop everything and take off on a crazy road trip to rescue his anorexic sister.

Fragile Lillian has apparently been captured by a cult, and could perish at any moment in some tiny has-been town along Route 66.

Is the Route 66 Book Stop Tour simply a refuge for eccentrics, or are books of the Bible actually coming alive on this historic road?

And what about Sheila, the lovely but elusive tour guide Dean has fallen hard for?  Is she just lost in some crazy religion, or could  she be the exact opposite of his ex-wife Amanda, the cleverly manipulative therapist?

Has the powerful head of the rival Route 66 Rehab Resorts, Leslie Lystrom, found a way to enslave the most vulnerable, or has he come up with---The End of addiction in America?


For years, author and television producer Steven Mosley has inspired extraordinary responses across America with his unique “The Whole Bible in One Act” presentations.  Now this creative student of the Word focuses his literary talents on a road-trip novel that takes characters on the most amazing journey of their lives. 

The suspense builds as Dean, Lillian and Sheila travel out of their troubled pasts, through confusion and conflict, and toward a life-changing rendezvous.