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Category: Book on the Teachings of Jesus

110 pages

The ten best ways to improve the quality of your life.

When you look at the teachings of Jesus, one of the images that stands out is this: the Master liked to compare His kingdom to a mustard seed, which, though tiny, grows into a huge tree. Steven Mosley looked at what Jesus and His apostles urge us to do the most and discovered the “Mustard Seed Commands,” the New Testament’s top ten words of advice. These are the essence of the teachings of Jesus. So much life, so much wisdom is packed into these simple admonitions. They hold the power of a mustard seed; they are what make the kingdom so miraculous.

In this unique, refreshing book on the teachings of Jesus, Steven Mosley demonstrates they\'re the ten best ways to improve the quality of your life. These “New Testament Ten Commandments” show us how to live a life that fulfills the law of love.

“Steven has hit a home run with this practical, readable guide.” Michael Hanson, senior pastor, The Place

“You’ll want a copy of this book for yourself and a shopping-bagful as gifts for friends. It’s that good.” Paul Richardson, executive director, Center for Creative Ministry

“Steven Mosley masterfully plants the seeds of God’s promises in the heart of the reader.” Daniel Houghton, president, Hart Research Center

“Steven Mosley is not only a wordsmith, but he’s also an artist with a marvelous blend of theology to create word-pictures through his gift of writing. Steven has blessed millions through his creative pen.” Lonnie Melashenko, Host, Exploring the Word

“For all of Steven Mosley’s illustrious career as a writer of Christian literature, he has bested himself this time. Secrets of the Mustard Seed is interesting, inspiring, and useful. This book is amust-read for every serious seeker for the real answer.” Dan Matthews, President, HisKids Incorporated

Steven Mosley: Why I wrote the book.

As a writer and a producer for Christian television I do a lot of research for various projects. And in my Bible reading, one question kept popping into my head: if the New Testament had Ten Commandments, what would they be? I mean the Bible comes to a climax in the New Testament right. What did Jesus and the apostles urge us to do the most?  What\'s at the core of the teachings of Jesus?

I did a word study, which phrases are used most frequently; I looked at all passages that emphasize---this is more important than that. And I came up with, essentially Jesus’ top ten words of advice. They’re simple, basic principles, but what I discovered is that each one really contains a mustard seed promise, a simple thing we can do that produces huge results.

So I wrote the book to flesh out these mustard seeds, these top ten principles of the kingdom. The Top Ten among the teachings of Jesus.  I wanted to show, through real-life stories, just why they are the ten best ways to improve the quality of your life.