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The Whole Gospel in One Testimony

40 minutes Through the Bible

In this Through the Bible Presentation Steven take a trip through the Bible that illuminates his own journey from the anger and confusion and rebellion of the post-divorce world to a redemptive discovery that God does indeed have a plan for our lives. It’s a search for home again, a way back to Eden. Israel falling for idols proves an uncomfortable description of his own way of acting out in the compulsive dating scene. He finds himself running away from the “big stick” of God’s law, from the throne of God’s sovereignty and from the fire of the prophets. But a moment-of-truth encounter with the One who loved unconditionally opens up the epistles in a new way.

This journey through the Bible is great for people who have gone through a loss, a tragedy or a divorce and are wondering, "Where\'s the Plan?"  There comes a time in many lives when difficulties make us doubt that God really does work things together for good.  How do you get a sense of that divine plan for you back---when your life is turned upside down?

That\'s the question this unique tour through the Bible answers.  It does so through a personal testimony that parallels a journey through Scripture, from the darkness of captivity, to Paul\'s revelation about how God creates a home for each believer.

Go through the Bible -- and rediscover a faith in the Big Picture.