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The Whole Gospel in One Act

42 minutes Through the Bible

In this dramatic live presentation Steven takes people on a whirlwind tour through the Bible that’s both humorous and deeply moving.

Two Hebrew slaves in the mud pits of Egypt argue the merits of the man “plucked out of the Nile like a dead fish.” who ate locusts!”

Running through many characters and stories, he an indignant prophet Elijah tosses aside Ahab’s royal robe as he tells the stubborn king that a coming drought means “God is going on strike.”

A Pharisee spy mocks the Capernaum crowd “fawning over this Galilean nail-pounder—formally introduced by a man turns Scripture into a breathtaking epic about the lengths to which God has gone to choose us as His own, highlighted by the garments of the patriarch, prophet and king.  It comes to a climax in the Chosen Garment of Christ laid on our shoulders.

This is a journey through the Bible that congregations all over the country have called unforgettable and deeply inspiring.