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The Whole Bible in One Mystery 

40 minutes Through the Bible

This dramatic presentation takes people through the Bible story—looking back from the “scene of the crime,” the cross of Christ. It’s a mystery story focusing on why Jesus had to die.

A hardboiled detective, Sammy Slade, imagines he can solve this “cold case” once and for all. He throws the spotlight on Likely Suspects through the Bible.  He looks at enemies of the Messiah, the biggest villains of Scripture. To get into their heads he must imagine them as real characters in our world. The turf-protecting Philistine becomes Hillbilly Lester, the brutal Assyrian Sennacherib becomes a city street Tough Guy, the stuffy Pharisee becomes British Officer Montague.

This through the Bible presentation reaches a climax when the detective realizes that the likeliest suspect is hidden deep in each one of our hearts.

Likely Suspects gives the audience a new appreciation of our need for the gracious forgiveness that comes from the One rejected and despised by humanity.

This Through the Bible Presentation is great for people who are skeptical, who struggle with doubt. The journey Sammy Slade takes is about a quintessential tough guy getting cracked by his toughest case.