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Author, presenter and producer Steven Mosley has published 12 Christian books with Word, NavPress and Multnomah, among others.  In both the field of television, where he has over 200 telecast credits, and in the field of Christian books, Steven has been making the Bible come alive for contemporary audiences since 1984.
Some of his major TV projects include the seven-part series on Christian martyrs, “Unshakable Faith,” and a seven-part series, “Empires in Collision,” taped in Paris, Rome, Paris and New Delhi.  The scripts for these and other programs have been turned into dozens of shorter Christian books. 

His dramatic church presentations have been featured in worship services around the country--notably “Chosen Garment, The Whole Bible in One Act.”  Most weekends, Steven is in some U.S. city doing a Whole Bible presentation and making his Christian books available.

One of Steven’s big goals is to make Christian writing as vivid and engaging as the most popular novels.  He applied that passion to the topic of God’s character and attributes in “Glimpses of God,” and to Jesus’ top ten words of advice in “Secrets of the Mustard Seed.”

Thousands of readers across America have come to see Steven Mosley as someone who takes Christian books to a whole new level.
address: Steven Mosley - 5016 Bellaire Ave.  Valley Village, CA 91607