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The Whole Bible in the Battle of the Sexes 

42 minutes through the Bible


“He Sees, She Sees, The Whole Bible in the Battle of the Sexes” highlights the differences between men and women and their rocky relationships through Scripture. The Through the Bible presentation brings all these struggles to a surprising resolution in the dramatic new perspective of grace which Paul lays out. What if we looked at each other through the miracle of Justification by Faith?
Couples will find this tour
through the Bible very entertaining, and warmly moving.

Through the Bible Highlights

In the Garden of Eden, when paradise unravels, the first couple try to talk about it:
Eve: OK so are you upset because I didn’t tell you I accidentally checked out the forbidden fruit, or are you just angry because you didn’t think I respected you enough to have you go with me? Well?!
Adam: Huh?

Before you know it we’re out of the Garden, slip-sliding away from that first bliss of becoming one flesh, cleaving together. That was the glorious beginning of Coupledom.
But soon there’s just: Hoeing weeds. Sibling rivalry. Trying to make each other happy in all the wrong ways. The sexes fell apart, and thousands of years later, we’re still trying to get back together, still trying to fit.

Well, recently the big thing is to understand the basic differences between men and woman. Psychologists, counselors, all kinds of people, have come up with models.
To distinguish the Tough Guy  vs. Girlie stuff.
Provider vs. Nurturer.
Hunter vs. Gatherer
You’re such a jerk vs. you’re so messed up.

There’s a code word often used for the battle of the sexes:
He said; she said.
Well, in the Bible’s epic of Coupledom, what we have is a
story about: He Sees; She Sees.

Lot and Mrs. Lot for example.
What Lot SEES is straight ahead. 
Get outta here. Direct. Head for the hills.
What Mrs. Lot SEES is a little more complicated:
I know we need to leave town, but did we pack all the china?

Rachel can only see her barrenness:
Give me children or I’ll die!
Jacob can only see blame:
Am I God who’s withheld this from you?
Things fall apart. She says,
“OK take Bilhah; make babies.” Same brilliant idea as grandmother Sarah had.  
Out of this messiness, the twelve tribes of Israel emerge.

How did Canaanite Rahab know that the God of Heaven had given the land of Jericho to the Israelites?
Women just know these things.
People had heard of the miracles, the parting of the Red Sea. 
Maybe the God of the Hebrews wasn’t your usual local deity. Rahab could smell the fear around her; tuned in to the emotions. She was able to make the right connection. Saved her and her household.
And of course, women being the connectors means they talk more, and invest more in talking. They expand. Men tend to contract.

Talk about making excuses for a bad relationship. Imagine Samson’s counselor.
Counselor: “And so Samson when you revealed that your great strength would vanish if someone bound you with new ropes, you become vulnerable, and Delilah had men come over and tie you up in exactly that way. What did that tell you?”
Samson: “Aaaaahh. She was testing my love. I got away.”

Well, the Warrior King Jehu rides up and spots Jezebel in the window.
He calls out to her eunuchs there. They realize she’s not the powerful Queen anymore. And so Jezebel, all painted UP with a new hairdo, gets thrown out the tower window.  
It’s like, “I shaved my legs for this?”

Body images just don’t sync up. More ships passing in the night.
But then we come to a little island, an island of bliss where body images are in rapturous accord. The Song of Songs.

The Prophets are all about the pain of breaking up. But in this age of unfaithfulness we find the story of Hosea & Gomer.
I want you to picture a prophet. Yea the guy with fire and brimstone in his back pocket. Always ready with the wrath business. He walks up to the dumpiest house in the sorriest part of town; knocks on the door.
A man answers with half his teeth, a scraggly beard and a haughty, snarly look. What do you want?
Business proposition, Hosea says.  How much for the wife there?
Scraggly: Wife? That thing? I just rent her out my friend.
Hosea: Actually, she’s my wife.
Scraggly: Woe, you’re kidding.  Well, how much you got?
Hosea: 15 shekels, silver.  
Scraggly: OK. 15 shekels, plus a homer of barley.
Hosea: Done.

Jesus & the Samaritan woman. Jesus skillfully reaches across all kinds of barriers. She’s trailing all kinds of failed relationships. He offers the water of life.
But you know what got her? Know what she told the neighbors?
“Come see a man who told me everything I’ve ever done.”
He looked right through me. Oh women love that. They long for that kind of loving omniscience.
Guys, do you ever have the feeling your wife kind of expects you to read her mind, know what she wants. You know why?  Because she can read yours. Yea they can do that.

Jesus the Messiah was a genius when it comes to making the lowest among us feel cherished.
He’s a hard act to follow, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could lift up each other like that? It seems so hard in the he-sees, she-sees world. We keep missing.

But then, in the Epistles of the New Testament, something magical appears. Have you ever thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Relationship Pill.  
You know, just swallow it and, guys, you’re like
“Honey let’s talk.”
Ladies, swallow it, and,
“Shopping? Let’s watch football.”
Well, believe it or not there is actually a way for mortal human beings to find the Holy Grail, to achieve that magical, mystical “becoming one,” not just on the honeymoon, but in everyday life. The Apostle Paul reveals the secret.

Justification by faith, is counting one good gesture as perfection. Giving it a lifetime achievement award.
In one note, you hear the whole symphony.
In one hue, you see the painting.

Well, what if, in our world of he sees, she sees, we saw each other from that divine perspective: “Oh, there’s one gesture that stands for a wonderful whole. And I honor it extravagantly.”
Unrealistic?  Idealistic?
I guarantee that each one of you has been there and done that, exactly that. Everybody who’s fallen in love.
How do you look at the other? Ladies.
Ah he opened the door for me and said, ‘It’s a beautiful day.’ The perfect gentleman; so aware of life.”
Guys. You’ve fallen for the checkout girl at Albertsons. 
“She said, ‘Enjoy those frozen bagel bites.’  How can anybody be that sweet?!
Justification by faith.

Ladies. Husband’s in the garage. And you wanna talk right now. He’s not getting the hint.
You can do Condemnation by Faith.
He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t care.  He never talks.
Or you can see, in him messing around on the table saw, his capacity to provide for you. This is the guy who works all day long for his family.This is the guy you married because he would do anything for you. Anything. That’s still there.  
So you give him a little space. Then, you express appreciation for what he does for you. And you will make it so much easier for him to listen.
In his piddling around in the garage you see the world maybe you lack---his directness, his capacity for getting it done. Justification by Faith. It can make all the difference.

Men.  Your wife’s not talking. Something’s bothering her.  
You can see, the whole, elaborate tangle of emotions.
Women are so complicated. Not normal. Condemnation by faith.
Or you can see someone who feels, who’s alive, who needs you. That’s exactly why you fell for the girl.
And you can say,
“All I have to do is listen. That’s all I have to do,listen, and I can make everything better. It’s beautiful.”

You know, all the couples of the Bible, all their struggles and longings and frustrations, they all fall into this thing called grace. It’s the climax of the He Sees, She Sees epic.

He Sees, She Sees, a unique trip through the Bible that entertains, inspires and warms the heart --- from
Christian speaker, author and producer Steven Mosley