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“Folks are still talking about how much your presentation meant to them, and how ALIVE it made the Bible for them.
Thank you!”

Joanne Brumm, Minister of Music
Immanuel United Methodist Church, Lakeside Park, KY

“Ridgecrest was blessed to have Steven Mosley present Chosen Garment. He was a joy to work with. I recommend Steven for any congregation looking for a great way to present the gospel in a dramatic way.”
Dr. Phil Walker, Senior Pastor
Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Madison, MS

"It was our privilege to have Steven Mosley present 'Chosen Garments' in a Chapel service at the Assemblies of God national office in Springfield, Missouri. Steven’s presentation for our chapel service at the Assemblies of God national office was creative, engaging and delivered with a wonderful spirit. The headquarters family responded very warmly, touched again by God's redemptive story.”
Dr. James Bradford, General Secretary
General Council of the Assemblies of God, Springfield, MO

“Delightful. Funny. Deep. Chosen Garment had something to communicate to every age and people group in our diverse congregation.”
Frank Riley, Senior Pastor
River47 Evangelical Covenant Church, Orange, CA

“I’ve heard good messages where I have felt inspired and been instructed.  However, yours is the first where, the more I reflect on what you did, the more I see what you were communicating. You had layer after layer of truth in your presentation that continues to bubble up days later.”
Bob Jones, Senior Pastor
North Pointe Community Church, Edmonton, Alberta

"We discovered a real treasure in Steven Mosley's presentation, a truly unique storyline that weaves together a wide variety of dynamic characters into a tapestry that reflects God's love, faithfulness and truth! Our church encompasses a wide range of generations and I'm happy to tell you that without a doubt, everyone was impacted with the story, costumes, believable acting and tailor-made musical background.”
Tom Hartley, Executive Pastor of Worship
Desert Springs Church, Palm Desert, CA

"Steven's dramatic presentation helps bring the biblical story to life. In a culture where even some college students raised in the church do not know the biblical stories and themes well; Steven's "Chosen Garment" ignites a fire inside to explore the biblical story in more depth.”  
Jonathan Bratt, Chaplain
Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY

"Steven had a wonderful spirit about him as he presented  Chosen Garment. I was especially struck with the musical backgrounds that helps weave the message together for the audience. This is a delightful presentation for the young and mature of any church."
Roger Byrd, Director
California Baptist Worship Leaders Conference

"Steven’s servant heart is evident in the way that he connects with his audience. He performed Chosen Garment for over a thousand adults, youth and children at three distinct (Traditional, Contemporary, Blended) Sunday worship experiences. The highest compliment I can give him is that he leads people into the presence of Jesus Christ."  
Paul Johansson, Senior Pastor
Central Lutheran Church, Elk River, MN

“Steven Mosley has a unique gift. I recommend that you try on the garment in your church.”    
Dr. Mark Goodman, Senior Pastor
Rabbit Creek Community Church, Anchorage, AK

“Thank you so much for your powerful presentation of Chosen Garment at our Mother’s Day celebration. We truly came to understand, in a fresh way, the “big picture” of God’s desire to bring all peoples under the Garment of His love and forgiveness. The sense of the Spirit’s presence in the midst of your words and actions caused the drama to transcend the usual boundaries between actor and audience to become a heart-felt expression of worship for all of us.”
Brian Johnson, Worship Arts Pastor
Grace Community Church, Visalia, CA

Our people found your presentation enlightening and encouraging. Both young and old said it was a very unique way to see God's plan unfold through the Bible.
Barry Sisson, Senior Pastor
Grace Chapel, Syracuse, NY

“Chosen Garment was a perfect introduction to the story arc of the Bible for our many hundreds of new believers with little Bible background, and yet there were also ‘aha!’ moments and even inside jokes for the mature believers with extensive Bible knowledge as well. Steven, you are so easy to work with-- undemanding, easy-going, and yet thorough and professional. Your familiarity with story-telling and script writing really shows.”
Rene Schlaepfer, Senior Pastor
Twin Lakes Church, Santa Cruz, CA

“You exceeded my expectations. And they were high!”

Ken Robillard, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Roseville

"Wow! Fantastic! I have spent almost 30 years as a Pastor/Evangelist and never seen anything quite the equal of what Steve is doing. Content and presentation were a ‘10’! Steve's presentation opens up new vistas of opportunity for the Gospel to break into a hardened secular culture that demands excellence and dramatic appeal."
Jere Web, Director of Outreach
Oasis Church, Boise, ID

“Wow! The quality and message of your presentation blew us away!”

Tim Cleary, Associate Minister, NorthPhoenixBaptistChurch

"Steven Mosley completely captured the audience with his big picture perspective of how the whole story of Scripture brings hope to the world.”
Monty Kelso, Former Creative Arts Director,

"I found your presentation to be inspiring. A fresh presentation of the gospel with a touch of humor. Thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking."
David Friend, Senior Pastor, Scottsdale First Assembly of God

"Steven Mosley's presentation, "Chosen Garment, the Whole Bible in One Act," is the most outstanding combination of a biblical theme done in a creative way that I have ever seen. Our congregation was richly blessed, and we plan to invite him back again."
Dan Simpson, Former Senior Pastor,
CelebrationCenter, Redlands, CA

"Chosen Garment was an incredible experience for our people that truly helped them grasp the flow of the entire Scriptures! We're looking forward to having Steven back again in coming months. Even more than the presentation, Steven was a delight to work with!"
Dr. Jay Firebaugh, Senior Pastor
ClearpointCommunityChurch, Houston, TX

"Steven Mosley was not only the real deal, he presented a new dimension in our worship that we had never experienced. Steven presents the Word in a "package" that translates to today's culture. God used Steven to bring us to laughter and then to tears, then to personal conviction as his presentation brought the Word to life so profoundly."

Steve Foss, Worship Arts Pastor,
CalvaryBaptistChurch, Las Cruces, NM

"The 'Chosen Garment' masterfully weaves together the stories of Scripture in an entertaining and thought-provoking manner. What is most appealing is the way in which the garment of redemption that Jesus Christ wore on our behalf is seen as the common thread to the garments worn before and after His coming. Steven Mosley is a gifted communicator of the Gospel through the medium of drama."
Greg Zacharias, Pastor of Worship
Burnett Fellowship, Maple Ridge, BC

"Steven Mosley's presentation was exceptional, one of the best I have seen in some time!"
Doug Brown, Principal, Cascade Christian Academy,
Wenatchee, WA

"I would recommend "Chosen Garment" without any reservation. Our students at College of the Ozarks were genuinely appreciative." Chuck Zehnder, Dean of Campus Ministries, College of he Ozarks "It was truly an honor to have you share God's love."
Hilario J. Morales, Associate Pastor,
Temple of Praise, San Antonio

“Wow! Your performance of Chosen Garment is very captivating and engaging. There are things for people at all levels - Bible scholars right on down through kids and even skeptics and unbelievers. It’s a unique presentation.”
Keith Dwyer, Director of Music & Performing Arts
Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church, Brighton, MI

"Steven, our men's fellowship is still talking about how much they learned from your presentation. They were really impressed with what you did."
John Weigelt, Senior Pastor, New Life Christian Center, Carson

"Steven Mosley graphically and humorously describes the garments of redemption. This program will help you see God's story as well as hear it.The Story lives! This event will touch your heart."
Donald Lamm, District Superintendent
Northwest Evangelical Friends Churches

“Your dramatic presentation was simply outstanding. Your creativity, thoughtfulness, biblically-based and consistently Jesus-centered presentations make you one of my favorite speakers. Thank you for ministering to us with such excellence.”
Rob Randall, Former Senior Pastor, The Place, Newbury Park, CA

“Steven Mosley reflects a sincerity of devotion to Jesus that is evident to all. His gift of communication is fresh, creative, and God -honoring. The message is filled with grace and truth. The Holy Spirit worked in a way that was transforming. We thank the Lord for Steven Mosley.”
Michael Sprague, Senior Pastor
Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Covington, LA

“Again and again thank you for the blessing you were to us during your presentation of Chosen Garment. Your passion for bringing God's word alive captured the hearts of singles."

Martha Coelho, Director of Singles Ministry,
Overlake Christian Church, Redmond, WA

"Steven Mosley's ministry time with us was uplifting and inspirational. His grasp of the richness of Scripture creates a new love for the wonder of God's Word and its timeless truth. A dash of humor accented the insight into God's Word and impressed its relevance on our lives today."
Allen Randolph, Senior Pastor, Trinity Church, San Antonio

“Steven Mosley took us on a whirlwind ride with his production of "Chosen Garment!". He put a face and personality to many of the people in Scripture which helped us see them in a new and refreshing light. We laughed at kings, heard the voice of prophets and were left in awe at the love of God for humanity. This is not only a high powered and professional production, but you see and feel Steven's passion for what God has called him to in every character. I whole heartily recommend him for any event that you are planning, whether it is an outreach to your community or an in-church event, Steven will not only entertain, but most importantly he will reach the heart of those watching. Can't wait for the sequel!”
Wayne Rogers, Pastor of Worship and Arts
Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Covington, LA

“Thank you so much for a great performance that really touched our students.”

Sherri Hanson Co-director of Campus Crusade for Christ,
San Antonio Campuses

"Steven Mosley presents a crystal clear picture of God's love for people and His pursuit of all mankind. "Chosen Garment" proves that down through history God has provided messengers to carry the message of His great love for us and continues to do so today. Steven Mosley is one of those messengers!"
Scott Van Hofwegen, Senior Pastor,
The Carpenter's House Church, Fontana, CA

"Steve has the unique ability to both captivate an audience and communicate with them. The Chosen Garment is not just a well-crafted dramatic presentation, it's an interesting, insightful and inspiring event."
Mike Speegle, Senior Pastor
Auburn Church, Auburn, CA

“Steven presented Chosen Garment to our congregation on Easter Sunday morning. It was an outstanding dramatic depiction that was very warmly received by our members. Steven’s presentation was thoughtful, humorous, dramatic, and memorable. He brought the Bible stories alive in a way that both adults and children understood and appreciated. Two thumbs up!
Matt Soper, Senior Minister
West Houston Church of Christ

"Thanks so much for coming to Newberg to feed by sheep. They ate well. I won't hesitate to tell my campus ministries colleagues about your ministry here."
Gregg Lamm, Campus Chaplain, George Fox University

“At a time in our history when the Bible is being attacked, or even reduced to a quaint historical document by our culture, it is particularly helpful for our congregations to see God's big picture as it is illuminated in the scriptures. Steven Mosley's Chosen Garment tells this story with clarity. From Israel's beginnings to Jesus' fulfillment of God's salvation story, Mosley negotiates his way through the tale with poignancy and humor. The scriptures are presented as a unified whole. An excellent presentation.”
Brad Stirtz, Director of Music & Worship
Peace Lutheran Church, Lombard, IL

“Thank you for such a creative, inspiring worship experience. Thank you for making the Bible alive and relevant for today’s generations.”

John Piroski, Senior Pastor
Jackson Heights Church, Queens, NY

“We were blessed by Steve Mosley's presentation of the Gospel in his solo drama: "The Chosen Garment." The appeal was to a broad age range, with seniors and youth equally enjoying the message. The style was interspersed with poetry and the content addressed both personal and social application. We were challenged to take up the garment given to us by the Lord and follow Him. I gladly recommend Steven Mosley's ministry.”
Rev. Dr. John McFarland, Senior Pastor
United Methodist Church, Fountain Valley, CA

“We were greatly blessed by Steven Mosley's presentation in our two Sunday morning services. Steven really condenses the Bible story in such an engaging way that I feel it would help any and all Christians can get into God's Word and understand it. George Barna's research says that very few 21st century Christians read the Bible. I want to change that and I believe that "Chosen Garment" will help us achieve our goals. It is entertaining but much, much more than ‘entertainment.’"
Tom Miter, Senior Pastor
West Grand Baptist Church, Corona, CA