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How to wage the “good fight of faith” without knocking yourself out.

Christian speaker Steven Mosley presents a personal strategy for getting out of religious ruts and recreating a more healthy Christian life.

Presentation Highlights:

Holes in Our Hearts
Too many believers are trying to “put out” while running on empty. Steven looks at the emotional causes of burn out and why it’s so hard to build up self-esteem once it’s been punctured. Participants learn how to escape the perils of Rag Doll Rhoda (passive insecurity) and Tin Soldier Tim (aggressive insecurity) and to seek the God who creates a home in our hearts.

Worn Out by the Weeds
Unhealthy religion reduces the Christian life to the avoidance of sin—getting rid of all those weeds. Healthy religion centers on qualities that build us up. Steven shows people how to move from exhaustive legalism to a faith that expands our lives.

Baffled by Our Habits

If the Christian life is so easy, why do so many people give up on it? Steven shares his own story of finding a way to deal with chronic weaknesses that builds up instead of burns out. It’s about acquiring a skill instead of facing endless pass-flunk tests. We can make the struggle itself rewarding by replacing the habit with a positive quality.

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Worn Out by the Weeds   2mb
Baffled by Our Habits   1.5mb

Burned Out on Being Good, a journey out of the spiritual doldrums and into a sustainable spirituality, from Christian speaker Steven Mosley