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How to make Scripture “electric” in your life again by learning to see with the eyes of an artist.  Christian speaker Steven Mosley shows how you can Plug in the Word---when it becomes the same old story.

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Look, Admire, Express
Steven uncovers fascinating parallels between the way painters have approached their craft and the way believers can make discoveries in a familiar Word. He also shares his own personal story of how the Bible radically changed in his life from “boring dinner guest” to “electrified text” after he began learning to see with the eyes of an artist. He shows how each of us can find something meaningful to express through the Word.

Books into Pictures

What if each book of the Bible could become a distinct weapon in our hands, a specific resource we could use in dealing with day-to-day challenges? Steven shows how we can see the big picture, how to compress the basic message of a Bible book into one vivid, compelling image. Participants come away with three encouraging pictures that will keep them looking up when everything else is pressing them down: Jeremiah’s white flag of surrender. Daniel’s heroic banner of resistance. Paul’s eternal blue sky above the rain in Philippians.

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Plugging in the Word, a workshop that helps people rediscover Scripture in creative ways, from Christian speaker Steven Mosley