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Using his background in film production and creative writing, Christian speaker Steven Mosley teaches speakers how to captivate audiences in a visual age.

When was the last time your sermon, or talk as a Christian speaker, kept listeners on the edge of their seats?

Participants learn how to greatly improve story-telling skills, convey biblical truths more dramatically, tap into the persuasive power of “Shining Examples,” and “plot” the sermon so it builds momentum toward a climax.

Each participant comes away with a mini-library of riveting stories which make fundamental Christian beliefs real for the listener.  An invaluable resource for Christian speakers.

Seminar Presentations

Stronger Stories

Stories that hold an audience’s attention are stories that show. They feature: a setting we can visualize, a character we care about, and actions that speak loudest.

Narrative is most powerful when it creates a “shining example”—an example which shows a specific truth at work in real life. Participants learn how shining examples work in each of three general areas: what God can do for us, what Scripture means, what we should be doing.

“Showing” our Fundamental Beliefs
Steven spotlights great stories which create shining examples of the validity of 27 Christian doctrines. Participants learn how to relate every aspect of theology to God’s activity in human life. Steven shares how Christian speakers can find the best resources for the best stories.

Great Sermon Plots
Steven shows how we can use basic plot devices to structure the sermon:
  • Suspense—resolution
  • Protagonist triumphs
  • Epic event
  • Slice of life.
By plotting the sermon you can can build stories, examples and Scriptural evidence in a way that carries the listener along with increasing intensity toward a climax.  A new way to look at Christian speaking.

What people are saying.

"Steven did a beautiful job of sharing with our pastors some immensely valuable ideas." Herman Bauman, President, Arizona Conference

“Steven’s presentations were thoughtful and energetic and I was inspired to be more organized, creative and real whenever I stand in the pulpit."
Max C. Torkelsen II, President, Upper Columbia Minsterial Retreat

"Steven Mosley has the unique ability of taking profound biblical themes and making them simple. His illustrations are on target. They grip your heart."
Mark Finley, Director, North American Evangelism Institute

Show is Better Than Tell - a professional workshop for speakers and writers from Christian speaker and Christian author Steven Mosley