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This testimony/dramatic presentation from Christian speaker Steven Mosley is based on his experiences growing up in Mexico and Colombia and serving as a missionary for five years in Japan.

The presentation begins with Steven’s childhood recollections of Adela, the family’s live-in maid in Mexico. Adela haunted him through high school and college - primarily because of the family’s failure to share their faith with this dear, illiterate, peasant woman who became a second mother to the Mosley kids.

The presentation ends with a letter from Adela finding its way to Steven's home. Somehow, someway, a group of believers reached her isolated mountain village and made the gospel clear. Adela was learning to read; Adela was devouring the Word.

In between these bookend events, Steven relates stories about trying to communicate Bible truths in a deeply secular culture like Japan’s. 

He also talks about finding Christian community very dramatically and unexpectedly while on a service trip in Costa Rica. 
Steven describes what it's like producing television series on locations around the world—“Empires in Collision,” and “Unshakable Faith” --- programs that highlight how the gospel has made an impact in different cultures.

There’s humor - the slips and falls of a kid out of college trying to relate to a culture as exotic as Japan’s.

There’s providence - “God has never been more real to me than when I was stretching out to communicate him in a place where he was a complete stranger. I found many ‘letters waiting,’ many messages of grace myself, as I was trying to carry God’s great letter of love to others.”

And it all comes to a powerful climax in Adela’s conversion: “Because a few brave souls took the Name where it had not been heard, I know that I will see my Mexican Mother in heaven.”

A Letter Waiting, a presentation that makes the vision of missions tug mightily on the heart, from Christian speaker Steven Mosley