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In this workshop, Christian Speaker Steven uses a unique temperament test he developed for an international radio ministry, to help you understand just how your traits lay out on the “Spectrum of Personality.”
It’s a fun, interactive experience that shows:                 
  • How to stretch in relationships—–instead of just react to your Personality Opposites.  
  • How the spectrum of personality traits can give us a helpful picture of the breadth of the Body of Christ.
  • How to build people up in the Big Picture. Because each basic personality type reflects an important picture of God’s character.   
  • How men and women react and interact along the Spectrum of Personality.  
  • How to disarm Difficult People, by creating boundaries with your strengths, instead of fighting back with their weaknesses.

Your Personality Spectrum - a workshop that explores personality in a way that empowers individuals and enriches relationships, from Christian speaker Steven Mosley