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Christian speaker Steven Mosley speaks shares his own journey through the “The Upside Down World.” How do you make sense of God’s plan when your world falls apart?

He makes this journey as three characters.

Steve Sherlock, the analytical one who thought he could figure his way out of the Upside Down World. But it’s a face-to-face encounter that finally opens the door into the world of Right Side Up.

Steve Hard Hat, a man who believes in taking his work-ethic to the dating scene. This character is driven to find the right woman by the numbers. Slowly he discovers how empty his lunch pail really is.

Steve Shoot-em-up, the one who can finally confront, no longer an enabler. Now he’s ready for the Christian version of High Noon, facing off opponents with revelations, firing away with proof texts until he’s the last man standing. He will have to shoot himself in the foot before turning his weapon into a means of reconciliation.

The misadventures this threesome stumbles through become three stages in the journey toward healing. There are things to learn in each stage.


Boulders Float.

It's a world created by destructive relationships; it's the land of the aftermath. When you enter the Upside Down World you go through the motions like before. You go to the same job, interact with the same people, shop in the same stores. And yet you're inhabiting another surreal landscape too, where huge boulders float around like clouds and the blue sky is always slamming down on you, hard as a pool table.

It's OK to be This Angry!?
God can take us through anger and rebellion just as he takes us through mourning. And sometimes it's a necessary process. We can rest assured that God is not bent out of shape by our raging and wandering.

Is Anyone Out There Listening?
Many people feel God let them down. They made decisions prayerfully and carefully. And still they ended up in a horribly destructive situation.


Learning from Rebellion

A period of rebellion teaches us about boundaries. God begins making a few points in the dark. We begin to understand right and wrong as we see just how healthy pursuits become compulsions.

Looking for Normal
Tentative steps toward new relationships help us see patterns. We begin to understand why bad things happen. And we develop a better eye for spotting what's normal and healthy and what's not.

You're Talking to ME?!
How we begin to see that we were not just innocent bystanders, but part of the problem. We have to deal with our own internal issues.


What You Can Salvage From the Wreck

Eternal principles do begin to filter through the confusion. Each of us can learn to distinguish what's eternal from what's cultural.

Living Well is the Best Revenge
You begin to base your life on qualities of goodness instead of quantities of goodness. You begin to see that God has been working through it all, and that his ultimate aim, through all circumstances, is to develop certain qualities in your life. By focusing on those qualities, you can find your way back to a religion that makes sense in a post-Pollyanna world.

Re-inventing Yourself

Sometimes when things get turned upside down, something surprising emerges. You're not quite the person you thought you were. Getting out of your rut opens up startling possibilities. You begin to experience the God of New Creation.

Much of Steven Mosley’s work as a writer and producer has focused on relationship issues. His book, “Secrets of Jesus’ Touch” reveals ten keys to unlocking the power of God in our most challenging relationships.
His television credits include: “When Forever Falls Apart,” “Single and Whole,” “How to Give Your Scars Away” “Picking Up the Pieces” “Sufferers and Survivors” and “Getting Even With Your Anger.” He also produced two series for television entitled: “What Happy Couples Know” and “What My Parents Did Right.”

In between these bookend events, Christian author, producer and speaker Steven Mosley relates stories about trying to communicate Bible truths in a deeply secular culture like Japan’s, ADD:  and about rediscovering the meaning of Christian community in a most unlikely place—a small mountain village in Costa Rica.

Upside Down World - a presentation for singles that shows them clearly and dramatically the path to Right Side Up, from Christian speaker Steven Mosley