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Big picture communication

The ability to move and inspire as teachers

As a master story-teller and Christian speaker, Steven Mosley shows teachers and small group leaders how to make biblical truths come alive.

Steven has served as a teacher and small group leader for many years—making the Bible come alive for high school and junior high kids, for Sunday School adults in churches around the U.S, for secular professionals in Osaka, Japan, and for “action groups” with Campus Crusade for Christ at Western Illinois University. Steven's innovative Christian seminars such as “Participatory Evangelism” uses small-group interaction to give seekers a taste of the Christian life. Whereas his “Show is Better than Tell” seminar helps pastors turn sermon illustrations into “shining examples.”

Big Picture Communication's Church seminars will fire up your teachers, energize your small group leaders and revitalize your staff.

Christian speaker Steven Mosley has created professional Christian seminars that will give your leaders:

  • the three essentials of great story-telling
  • the five best ways to get a group to open up
  • the ability to move and inspire as teachers
  • confidence in the power of their own story with God
  • a vision of how Big Pictures in the Bible change lives
  • a syllabus of “shining examples” that flesh out essential biblical truths.

You can customize Church seminars to fit your needs.
Pick from these one-hour interactive presentations.

Share a Bigger Picture
How Genesis-to-Revelation themes fit into inspiring Big Pictures. How to condense a whole Bible book into one transferable image.

You’re in the Picture
How our personal testimonies can illuminate truths in a way nothing else can.

Great Story Telling
How the three essentials of great story-telling can help us move and inspire as teachers.

Moving a Group into the Picture
How various temperaments open up and interact in a small group setting.

Small Seeds, Big Trees
How small investments can yield huge results. Our words can be God’s mustard seeds.

Great Plots for Your Presentation
How speakers can improve any presentation with the use of a protagonist, some suspense, and a slice of life.

Share a Bigger Picture    950K
Great Story Telling   1.7mb
You’re in the Picture   2.1mb
Great Plots for Your Presentation   1.5mb

What people are saying:

Steven Mosley’s presentation is positively outstanding!
C. Lloyd Wyman, Director of Southern California Pastors

“Steven Mosley has a fresh way of smuggling truth in under the guise of narrative. His stories sneak past the stern sentinel of bias and slide into the heart.”
Tim Crosby, Author and book editor

“The many, many positive comments I received from our pastors indicate that we accomplished our goal of inspiring them spiritually and adding to their professional growth. Your workshop seemed to meet a real felt need for our workers.” Marvin Lowman, Mid-America Ministries Coordinator

Big Picture Communication - a workshop from Christian speaker Steven Mosley